3 Apple Products Your Kids Will Love


Are you ready to introduce your kids to the world of electronics? Finding the right product largely depends on your child and what he or she will use it for, but it’s safe to say one of Apple’s many contenders is likely to fit the bill.

  1. iPad

The iPad has been the go-to Christmas request for kids for going on a decade now. It isn’t hard to see why. Available in mini, traditional and pro formats, they provide a mobile way for your kids to entertain themselves with television shows, music and fun games. Older kids can also use them for social media, messaging and homework help. With over 1 million apps and accessories like the Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyword (both available for the iPad Pro), the possibilities are practically endless.

  1. iPhone

It’s no secret that many teenagers love to talk and text. While the iPad provides texting in the form of popular apps, it doesn’t allow for actual phone calls. Older children, teenagers and parents alike can all fall in love with the iPhone. The kids will have a way to talk to friends, take selfies from every angle and post on social media. Parents will love knowing the kids are reachable while they’re at school, a part-time job or out with friends. You can’t forget the color options. From basic black to trendy rose gold, choosing the color is half the fun.

  1. MacBook Air

Whether you think your younger child is ready to graduate to a laptop or you’re ready to send your college freshman off armed for lectures, you can’t beat the MacBook Air. The light and thin laptop is easy for small hands to use and portable enough to carry to classes, the library or home during the holidays. Even better, the 12-hour battery life means no rushing to class to find an outlet.

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