3D Graphics: A Way to Connect with People


Motion graphics is a beautiful way of presenting engaging content for the viewers. Platforms like gaming apps need to provide visual and audio at the same time and the popularity largely depends on the quality of the audio and visual. But not only gaming platforms, but 3D motion graphics also help to create the best kind of visual communication with audio and motion storytelling. An engaging piece created with scenekit helps brands to share their stories and resort to different ways to reach people. Using 3D graphics is a great way of presenting something in a compelling way. There are quite a few advantages that one can enjoy by using 3D graphics.

Emotionally captivating

3D graphics have the capacity to affect our emotions. It actually uses the emotional contagion phenomenon. This biological response makes us mirror the emotions and empathize with the experiences we watch. This biological response makes us feel joy, sorrow as well as horror. 3D graphics is equipped with powerful voice over, moody music and stunning visual to create an effective story.

Visual Information is Easy to Process

Visual communication is comparatively more effective as it can be processed by the brain in 13 milliseconds which makes the process almost instant. That is why it is easier to get a hold of things and ideas when they are projected before the eyes. Through the use of graphics even complicated information can be broken down into simple messages. This use of 3D graphics is especially helpful for data visualization, process explanation, abstract concept, and tutorials.

Passive experience

We end up spending hours behind watching videos on various social media platforms. This happens because viewers actually have to use less mental energy while watching videos. Viewers easily consume the message while they do not feel any strain. That is why the use of 3D graphics has been able to bring such huge change and popularity.

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