4 Reasons Your Online Marketing Campaign Isn’t Working


Online marketing can be a minefield to navigate. Because the field is so new, the rules haven’t really been set in stone. That said, it’s safe to say that a lot of people haven’t really figured it out.

If your online marketing campaign isn’t going as planned, don’t fret. Mistakes are common. Solving a problem always starts with acknowledging there is a problem.

To help you identify the areas where you can improve, here are 4 of the most common mistakes online marketers make.

  1. You’re Not Tracking Your Success

Many companies go through marketing campaigns without a clear picture of what success looks like. Is it selling more products? Gaining more subscriptions? Getting more people to donate for a cause? Raising awareness?

In order to run a successful online marketing campaign, you need to know what your goals are. Once you’ve identified your goals, track your progress with metrics and data. Doing this gives you an idea of how you’re doing, what you can improve, and where to focus.

There are a lot of online tools like Google Analytics or Facebook that provide you with a wealth of data like conversion rate, lead generation, visibility, click through rate, and many others in real-time.

If you’re looking for something more comprehensive, there are online resources that offer services like social media analytics, cheap domains, content optimization software, and web hosting.

  1. You Aren’t Using CRO

One of the most common mistakes brands make is failing to lead customers to take action. Your website should support your online marketing efforts. If your goal is to sell more pairs of sneakers, you should structure your website in a way that encourages customers to purchase your sneakers. Everything that doesn’t point towards that result is just background noise.

Content Rate Optimization or CRO is the art and science of getting people to take a specific action on your website. It involves strategically placing images, text, buttons, chatboxes, etc. to lead customers to a particular action. Think of it as a funnel that directs all your traffic to a particular goal/s.

Figuring out which pages get the best results entails continuous testing. It could be testing a blue button vs. a green button or figuring out which color combinations work best. Many times, even the smallest tweaks can yield the biggest results.

WebsiteSpot gives businesses a full range of tools for building and managing a website. Not only does this help you create a website that meets your needs, it also gives you apps and software to supplement your online campaign.

  1. You Don’t Use Social Media To Your Advantage

Over 2.34 billion people use social media today. The number is only increasing every year.

Statistics show that social media is the most trusted online platform by online customers. 51% of Facebook users and 64% of Twitter users prefer to purchase from brands they follow on social media.

An effective social media strategy allows you to penetrate online communities at a personal level. This allows you to build two-way relationships with both existing and potential customers. In addition, social media gives brands a lot of flexibility in terms of content. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow you to do blogs, videos, music, pictures, polls, or promos that cost much less than traditional marketing methods.

  1. You Aren’t Evolving With The Times

Online marketing is a fast-paced field where the easiest way to fail is to stay stagnant. Keep yourself updated with the latest trends to get the most out of your online marketing.

Remember, posts go viral because they are relevant and timely. Show your audience that you’re just as hip and trendy as they are.

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