4 Small Business Technology Tips to Know in 2021


Technology has impacted the way we do just about everything these days. You can’t go far without embracing the new way of doing things, and this is especially important to understand as the owner of a small business.

It’s competitive out there, and you’re going to need to utilize the best of existing business technology to ensure you’re inching ahead of your competition. While you may not be an expert in business tech, that’s no excuse not to get as familiar as possible.

What are some essential tech tips and tricks you should utilize in running your business this year? Read on and we’ll walk you through what you need to know.

  1. Don’t Give Up on E-Mail

Every day, there seems to be some new trendy way to communicate online – new outlets, social media channels, communication applications. It’s a lot to keep up with and it can easily make you feel like you’re behind the times.

However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because there is a lot that is new that it means you need to get rid of something old. This just isn’t true.

For example, e-mail. E-mail is not on the way out, no matter what certain tech prognosticators might want you to believe. E-mail was and remains instant, efficient, and reliable. It provides a trail of communication that you can reference and follow.

It’s a fantastic way to market your business as well. It remains more efficient and produces better results than nearly any other form of online marketing. While you may be tempted to hop on the bandwagon and start advertising your business on TikTok, you’ll find that e-mail is still going to produce the results that you desire at the end of the day.

There are many different ways to market your business via e-mail, from advertising sales to putting out a friendly and informative newsletter. Get creative, get crafty, but don’t get the idea in your head that e-mail is old news.

It just isn’t.

  1. Remote Work

The idea that we’re all going to work from home forever following this year is likely a bit overblown. But there’s still a reason to consider the benefits of remote communication and remote work.

What roles do you need to hire for your business and which people do actually need to come into the office? It’s worth considering if there’s an element of your business that you might be able to handle completely remotely.

There’s a lot of benefits to hiring remote workers. For one, you open the pool of potential hires from your town to the whole world. You’re more likely to get someone that you really want to work with.

In addition, there’s a lot less overhead when your team works remotely. You use fewer resources at the office, for example, and your hires don’t have to worry about commute time.

There are challenges that come with hiring remote workers as well, however. Don’t overlook the obstacles that might arise in communicating with your remote team and ensuring their work is getting done in a productive manner.

It can also be hard to truly integrate them into your team and to have control over their morale and drive. You’ll have to work extra hard to be able to do this through a screen as opposed to face-to-face.

It can help to learn how to use VMware to help transfer some of this work efficiently to the digital space.

  1. Don’t Overlook Cybersecurity

Far too many small businesses make the false assumption that they will not be the target of some kind of attack or hack. They just assume the target will be large corporations or big businesses instead of themselves. As a result, they fail to keep the proper cybersecurity measures in place.

This is a huge mistake and it can really come back to bite you later.

Many small businesses do get caught up in data breaches. It happens all the time. Unless you want to have a huge mess on your hands, it’s important to take cybersecurity at your place of work very seriously.

Lockdown your data and information, have multiple safeguards in place and have a game plan for every possible worst-case scenario.

When it comes to small business technology tips, this is one that is very likely the most important. A serious breach could shut your business down entirely in one swoop, so it’s important to take this kind of thing seriously.

  1. Keep Up With the News

The tech landscape is constantly shifting and changing. If you’re not keeping your ear to the ground, you might be falling behind.

It’s important for any small business to be looking at and reading the news as it rolls in. What changes are businesses making around you? What are new customer expectations that you’ll need to keep up with?

If you can stay atop this gentle wave of new information, you’ll be prepared for anything that might come at you in the future.

Keep an eye out for major deals and developments and always ask that all-important question: how might this impact the kind of work that I do?

Essential Business Technology Tips

If you’re running a small business, it goes without saying that there are many obstacles you’ll be up against. Properly integrating business technology into your workflow can help you attack these obstacles with ease.

The above information is just a few of the many ways that business tech can help your enterprise to soar.

Need more tech advice, tricks, and information? Keep scrolling our blog for more.

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