4 Ways to Market your Startup Business


As a start-up business, you have to get your brand name out there, and marketing is the way to do it. However, you’ve already invested funding in getting your products, services, and equipment going. You need a low-cost method of marketing and that can seem challenging to do these days. There are ways that you can market your startup business without spending the thousands your larger competitors are doing.

  1. Let Word of Mouth Do it For You

First, word of mouth is the best marketing tool that will ever exist. Therefore, you need to focus on your customers and the feedback they give you. If your customers are happy with your products and services, they will definitely tell a friend or two. This helps your brand’s credibility and welcomes others to try your brand out. It’s important to stay on top of comments be it positive or negative. Negative word of mouth marketing can ruin your business.

  1. Showcase Your Expertise

Instead of just selling your products and services locally, be an expert in your industry. For instance, if you provide lawn care services, you should have an excellent blog dedicated to lawn and plant care. Host a few gardening seminars at your local nursery. Be sure to answer any questions and offer suggestions for participants.

  1. Promote at Local Events

Online marketing is growing as a popular marketing medium. So much, in fact, that print and door-to-door marketing are almost considered a stone aged marketing tactics.These older tactics can help set your marketing efforts apart, though.

Get out there in your community and market to your segment in their environment. Promote your products and services at local events. People will support small, local businesses. Think about speaking at a local library, attending PTA meetings, or helping out with after school programs. Allow local high school teens to volunteer with your business.

  1. Know Exactly Who Your Audience is Via Facebook Advertising

There are many social media platforms to advertise on. However, Facebook can target a wider variety of audiences. Facebook can have a great impact on your marketing strategies. It’s not just to get business to drive in for you. Placing ads on Facebook can help you gather valuable customer research as well.

You can run one ad to multiple demographic segments and use their conversion tracking tool to be able to find out which of these demographics has the highest conversion rate. You’ve now gathered research at an affordable rate. This is information you can use to target market on other platforms.

Now, just as you have a target market, so too does your competitors. You are all bidding to reach those same potential customers. Facebook allows you to optimize your bidding, but you stillneed to have the money available up front. As a startup business, you may not have the capital, so discover more information here about how to take out a small personal loan.

The above four tips are excellent ways to stand out from the crowd and market your startup business. Most of these methods require little to no cost, but all of them are tried and true methods that work.

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