5 Best Features to Enjoy on Word Press


Majority of websites have been built on the WordPress platform making it one of the most popular frameworks for new business website design. The framework is user friendly and has a number of themes that designers can choose from when building a site. The themes vary from one website type to another giving you a chance to select one that brings out your site in the best way possible. Even so, majority of Word Press themes have a number of features that make the final design functional and professional. Here are some popular features that make the use of the themes worthwhile.

  • Variety of page styles

The best way to make a new business website design stand out is to customize it to the needs of your customers. Word Press themes allow designers to adopt different styles on their pages regardless of the site template they decide to use. Whether the site has few or many pages, the page style can be maintained or customized according to one’s preference. Fortunately, the unique look of each page still ties in with the overall look of the website on Word Press making it look professional.

  • Responsive design

The ability to view website content on different handheld devices is available on majority of Word Press themes. Majority of users that look for information online using different devices expect to experience a seamless transition on a website thus making the use of a responsive design crucial. This feature cuts down the work involved in design of various interfaces and maintenance of sites. Responsive themes are quite popular even for new business sites but should be selected with the daily activities of the company in mind.

  • Social media tools

Built in social media tools are important when building a website as they connect a business to a wider audience. The themes provided by Word Press support a number of social networks making it easier to link them with business pages on the website. Nevertheless, it is important for the social media links connected to the website be active so that the target audience is always view activity on either platform.

  • Variety of widgets

Widgets that can be custom made to match the overall theme of a site is a popular feature on Word Press. The installation of the widgets is quite simple and they can be placed on different parts of the website as desired.

  • Reliable support

Word Press themes are often upgraded by their designers, which is quite beneficial to those building sites on the platform. The upgrades may be simple or a bit complicated depending on theme but the changes are important for the maintenance of any business website. When choosing a theme, designers should consider those that offer support and upgrades on a regular basis. Alternatively, using premium themes guarantee a designer excellent support especially when starting out on a new business website design.

In general, Word Press features give designers a chance to build excellent websites with less effort and within a short time period.

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