5 Reasons Why VoIP is Right for your Business


Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP as it is known, is an Internet based voice communication system that provides many benefits for the business person.  The staggering costs of regular telephone communication make up a considerable portion of the office running expenses, especially if your staff frequently make overseas calls. In former times, you would need the system PBX in your office and everything would run from that location, yet with cloud based solutions, one can access the interface via any web browser. VoIP offers far more than just cheap calls, and here are just a few of the reasons why many companies have already made the switch.

  1. Complete Communications Control – This is what VoIP gives you, with a fully adaptable system that be configured to suit, and you have the ability to monitor call duration and even analyse call costs. There are online specialists that provide cloud hosted PBX systems, and with an easy to use interface, you can take control of your business communications and oversee everything.
  1. Cost Effective Communications – The money you will save by converting to VoIP will certainly be welcome, and you can say goodbye to those dreaded overseas bills from the telephone company, as VoIP gives you worldwide access at a fraction of the price.
  1. Professional Image – Image is everything in business, and when your customers call, you want it to be a positive experience, and with automated messages and professional call holding facilities, you can customise how your incoming calls are treated. An unanswered call could lead to loss of business, but with a fully programmable web hosted PBX system in place, you can set up things as you prefer, and the system takes over. Interactive voice response allows you to leave an automated message for your callers, which can be used for outside office hours, and with call queuing, even the busy periods are covered in a professional manner.
  1. Call Monitoring – If you have ever wondered exactly who is calling who, and about what, then you can simply activate the call monitoring facility, which brings up all the information about any call. This helps you to ensure that your staff are not abusing the company communications, and should you wish to make any changes, you can do so via the easy to use interface, which can be accessed from any browser.
  1. On the Move – Calls can be forwarded to any mobile or landline number, and because the PBX is cloud based, any authorised user can access the system from any location in the world. You can change the configuration if you are out of the office for the day, and have any incoming calls diverted to your mobile number.

Modern business demands effective communications and with VoIP, the many benefits allow a company to effectively monitor and control all communication, and with a cloud based system, you can access the system from any location.

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