5 Tips to Defend your VoIP Network from Online Security Threats


Are you using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services due to its cost effectiveness, flexibility, and scalable network solutions?

Undoubtedly, VoIP – an application running on the internet is a cost-effective communications solution for small and big businesses. However, like any other online technology, VoIP also has a high risk of cyber attacks due to the internet security issues. Hackers are always in search of organizations that use limited security measures. These companies are an easy target for hackers to steal their information and commit frauds.

As VoIP is a relatively new technology, there is limited awareness among the users that give hackers more confidence to commit cyber crimes. Looking at the increased threats, experts have come up with the ideas to handle the security issues. Here are top five ways to defend your VoIP network from online security threats.

Password protection

Intercepting passwords is not difficult for the hackers, but weak passwords with the username or repeat numbers make the task easier for them. They can easily hack accounts and confidential information by intercepting PIN, key or password shared over a VoIP channel. To ensure that the VoIP calls and messages cannot be converted into text, the organizations should generate strong passwords, which are further shared in a secure way.

Round-the-clock monitoring

You never know when a crime might take place in your organization and you lose all the essential data; it can even be during the working hours. So don’t put your business at risk by opting for a security system that works at night. Ensure complete security of your business by using a managed IT service that monitors your network round-the-clock.

Denial of Service (DoS) prevention

These are different types of attacks, which a firewall fails to handle. These are malicious and complex attacks that choose one target at a time by attacking the carrier from multiple points. A do-it-yourself code designed to filter out the unwanted traffic also fail to control this risk. To prevent Denial of Service attack, you need specific equipment integrated into your network. The equipment detects the nasty traffic to protect your business.

Encryption tools

Eavesdropping is also a major risk to the business using VoIP optimization solutions for effective communication. When investing in VoIP solutions ask the service provider about the encryption tools in the system. The tools prevent the hackers from capturing your call data through the network. Along with this, you should also ensure increased physical security of areas that are at high risk.

Authentication mechanism

VoIP system should have certificates to verify the identity of the people using the network. There are specific certificate authorities to sight the certificates in IP phones. They verify the details present in the server and sign the certificate accordingly.

The number of businesses investing in VoIP systems as well as bandwidth optimization solutions is increasing dramatically. Along with the increasing use of VoIP technology, the number of exploit tools is rising. To protect your business from these tools and cyber attackers, it is necessary that you use advanced security measures. Besides the technological tools, also analyze and monitor your VoIP traffic manually on a daily basis.

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