5 Ways Video Surveillance Softwares Enhance Operations in Organizations


A report by Axis communication shows that in the UK, approximately 97% of the retailers did not report any adverse effects of using network videos on their premises. On the contrary, 21% cited downsides of using analog CCTV in securing their stores.

In the 21st century, entities require efficient and flexible security systems like video surveillance software to safeguard the safety of the workers and more importantly, to ensure proper business operations.

Quality video surveillance software helps the firms streamline their operations in the following ways;

Faster Incident Response Time

With the use of video surveillance software in organizations for security, it is now possible to detect and mitigate any dangers lurking within and without. That is because the digital video network security systems provide clear videos and a wider view compared to the analog security systems. Besides, videos are delivered faster and in an efficient manner.

Also, the video surveillance software systems come with an important feature in that the users are notified through alarm or siren when there is something suspicious in the surrounding or inside the facility. If it happens that there is smoke coming out from any corner of the property, the security team can address it faster before it destroys property and even people.

Video Auditing

Video surveillance software systems allow the recording of crystal clear videos. In instances where there are investigations to be conducted, it allows for easy retrieval and auditing saving time and money. Moreover, the company can use the footages in dealing with several issues including false claims from customers, theft, damages to property, and security.

Business Intelligence

Network video security system helps in managing the traffic into and out of the business premises. Traffic analysis is essential in understanding the patterns and volume for marketing purposes, staff needed, and inventory management.

Track the movement of customers in blind spots, so the management can instruct the sales team to redirect them to other areas to increase conversion rates. It also helps to improve the customer support.

Remote Monitoring

Video Surveillance Softwares are network-based, thanks to the technological advancement. That means they are now more flexible than the analog CCTV that required cables to operate. What’s more, since they now use IP cameras, it is possible to use the network for distance monitoring of the organizational assets. A user only requires an Internet-enabled device like a smartphone and computer to keep tabs on the property, anywhere, anytime.

Easy Integration

Digital video surveillance software system does not necessarily have to replace the existing security measures in an organization. It is possible to incorporate it with security guards, locks, access control, encryption, and firewalls.

Video surveillance software does not only offer security solutions. It also makes operation in various entities more efficient. Hence, every organization aiming to streamline their operations must adopt the new technology.

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