6 Most Essential WordPress Plugins For Developers And Designers


WordPress is both, the widest used CMS (Content Management System) as well as The most Popular blogging platform among the rest today. One of the reasons of its being most popular is because it happily supports templating and plugins integration, which makes it customizable and highly flexible to suit various websites’ needs.

Besides this, there are also tons of companies out there offering to develop a WordPress plugin as per your specific requirements, but from my personal experience, I’d prefer to go for WordPress Plugin Development from kodematix as they are professional and understand each and every requirement of your business as well as suggest innovative ideas that you can benefit from.

Alongside with WordPress’s huge popularity, this flexibility means, there are thousands of free Plugins available on the internet. That’s great to hear, right? But, the real challenge here is to sort the wheat from the chaff.

 Therefore, here I have sorted out few most essential plugins for designers and developers to help them design and develop better, faster and more secured websites.

So, here they are…

WP Updates Notifier: Security is a big concern currently, especially for the larger companies. And, when it’s a matter of security, WordPress updates are the perfect way to keep your website secure and safe.

When handling multiple WordPress websites and projects, it can be tough to keep track of WordPress’s latest updates. But, with the WP Updates Notifier Plugin, you’ll receive emails about the latest WordPress updates, and the best thing about this? Your customers will also be notified that their website now needs to be updated.

Advanced Custom Fields:

In past, WordPress was actually a blogging platform for the people. Since then, it is being evolved into a huge CMS that is widely used for different websites for different use cases today. These use cases, generally range from online shops, personal websites to corporate websites.

The WordPress Plugin: Advanced Custom Fields allow you to customize your WordPress website with the powerful forms and fields.

Duplicate Post: This can be a useful plugin for those who’re dealing with big WordPress websites. It allows you to duplicate any page or post, which comes in handy if you’re using custom settings, themes and layout options on given pages.

WP Stagecoach: Many WordPress powered sites need a staging system for the website and if you’re wandering if there’s any plugin for efficient and fast solution for that. It turns out to be a Yes! I just recently stumbled upon the WP stagecoach services.

It’s the perfect solution for those who need a reliable and effective staging system for their websites. However, this plugin requires you to subscribe a monthly plan starting at $4 per month.

Imsanity: Exhausted due to huge images on your WordPress website? Tired of instructing your content writers, editors and contributors to resize their images?

Well, there’s simple solution of this headache in the form of a WordPress Plugin. And, it’s called Imsanity! If an editor uploads an image which is larger than the pre-configured image size, this plugin will automatically resize it to the pre-configured size and replace the original image.

Shortcodes Ultimate: When developing your own WordPress theme, you may be seeking ways to optimize your work. And, with the help of Shortcodes Ultimate plugin, you can make use of short codes, which enhance your themes very easily and efficiently.

Wrapping It Up! There’s a great collection of WordPress plugins available, I’ve shown you the most essential plugins from which you can reap benefits and which could be useful for your own WordPress based websites.

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