7 Common Questions About Domain Registration


Whenever you decide to design a website your first step after designing is to take a domain name for your website. A domain name will help the user to recognize your brand and it will represent your business on the web. Before getting a domain, have you ever asked yourself what is the domain? The answer is simply the name of your website that you use to represent your business. In short, it is the virtual address of your business.

While registering, you check the availability of the terms. Additionally, you also get a chance to select the multiple extensions such as .com, .co.in, .net and more. However, registration fee depends on the extension and address, but you can replicate before selecting the service. In this article, you will get to know tips and explanations for some common questions about domain registration.

1) Can I register the domain I want?

Yes, you can do the same. Nearly all sites that operate with domain registration carry the tool that helps you to know whether the desired domain is free or registered. In case, you get your desired domain, then register at any time. You can check MilesWeb domain plans and get the domain as per your requirement.

2) Do I have priority in renewing a domain?

Yes, you will get multiple providers who offer an annual plan for the registered domain. However, while paying for a domain, you can select a yearly plan with total freedom and security. When your domain registration period expires then the provider will ask you to renew the plan. If you forgot to renew the plan, then it has again become public domain and anyone can buy it for their business. Therefore, it is important to get in touch with the provider and avoid taking risks of losing the domain to another user.

3) What is a subdomain?

Sub-domain is the branches of the primary domain and you can consider these domain addresses for your company. It is necessary to design a subdomain for the purpose of taking the user to a particular page on the site. For e.g., if you are thinking to have a forum on your website then you can register the domain: xyz.com/forums/. This will help the users to get directly on that page. This strategy is useful for the companies who have multiple stores and want to split up their content into separate pages.

4) How does a domain registration work?

First, you select the domain among available ones and pay registration money through credit card or payment gateway. And the plan is valid for one year and companies also offer long-term plans along with attractive discounts. Therefore, it is necessary to get Best Web Hosting service who will offer you best service and domain at an affordable price.

5) When will I come to know about the expiration of my domain?

Most of the providers, send a reminder notifying that your domain is going to expire and you need to renew soon. Sometimes notifications are sent through SMS. New notices are sent when there are 30,20,10 and 5 days are remaining for renewal. In case, you didn’t renew the service in spite of sending the reminders, then your domain will exist until the expiration of other hosting services. After that period, your domain will get cancelled and you will lose the ownership of that domain. As per the extensions, a domain continued to run for periods between 3 and 15 calendar days. A domain gets frozen for at least 25 days and gets cancelled.

6) Am I able to perform automatic domain renewal?

Yes, some of the companies offer this type of service. This option is suitable for those who do not want a domain after a specific period. You can set the deadline for automatic renewal by placing the renewal amount in your bank account and activate the ECS service. However, this avoids delay of the payment and renewal.

7) How to recover the expired or suspended domain?

In case, your domain does not get cancelled and someone has registered the same, then you can save the domain. You only need to pay for renewal by contacting the company from where you have purchased the domain. By following this step you will get access to the domain in a few days.

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