A Complete Guide On The iPhone Hands Free Devices


iPhone hands free connected via Bluetooth can help you to pair many other Bluetooth equipped devices and headsets, so that you can also hear the iphone conversation from an external wireless speaker. The most useful iphone accessory is a wireless hands free for iPhone speaker. This wireless speaker can be your car speaker or Bluetooth speaker phone.

The main idea is that when you would pair your iPhone with these hands free Bluetooth devices, you can actually have an iPhone hands free phone conversation. It simply means that you can talk aloud to the other person without holding your iPhone in hand.

Bluetooth Hands free devices

There are a lot of Bluetooth devices that support the iPhone hands free capability. You can purchase the clip to the sun visors, or can even plug to car cigarette lighter, so as to make sure that it is always powered. These wireless Bluetooth hands free devices usually work by first pairing them with your iPhone and then entering a pin number, generally 0000. Once you have done the pairing, there is no need to do it again. Whenever, you would be close to the paired device, your iPhone would automatically connect to it and hence a connection is established.

The hands free Bluetooth devices are microphone and a built in speaker. Whenever you would receive a call, the device would ring, and then you need to press a button on that device, so as to answer your phone call. It is important that you have hands free devices next to you. Maybe attached to the steering wheel or clipped to the sun visor. Such hands free Bluetooth devices need to be charged like any other electronics.

How to setup iPhone hands free

Setting up an iPhone hands free is very simple. You first need to tap on the settings on the home screen of your iPhone. Then, tap on the General and then the Bluetooth option. You will see a list of all the paired devices. You then need to turn on the new hands free device and then set it to the discovery mode.

You would then see the name of the device as not paired in the list. You then need to tap on the new hands free device and enter the Pin number as 0000 using the numerical pad. You shouldn’t try to pair the device again as long as you can see it in the list of the connected devices.

Cars with the inbuilt iPhone hands free

If your car is equipped with the Bluetooth, then you can use the iPhone hands free feature easily. The process works in the same way you pair it with any external Bluetooth speaker phone. Once you have connected the iPhone with your car’s Bluetooth, then whenever you would receive a phone call, you would get a ring from the speaker of your car.


The hands free iPhone devices are very easy to install and you can easily connect them so as to reduce the additional efforts.

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