All About OpenStack Block Storage Cinders


First things first, what is an OpenStack block storage cinder? Think of it as a virtual hard drive. That’s pretty much what it is, however there are a few things that do make it unique when it comes to storing information. Let’s say you have 1,000 files about the effects of coal on global warming, and then you have another 1,000 items on the effects of cars on global warming for example, what it does is instead of storing items by files, you can store them in blocks. Each block is its own individual hard drive.  It can also be used to store virtual machine file systems, special applications, and programs. This makes it convenient because if you are looking for something specific, you can easily go and look for that one block and get all the relevant information stored in that one block.

One of the best things about this is that it’s reliable. Not only do you have the information stored in a block, you also have the information replicated in different nodes just in case there is a failure of the system. This allows you to be sure that the data is replaceable and you can transfer it back to your system if necessary. It also offers the ability to quickly get your information from places that you use the most by holding them in the lowest latency devices.


As a business owner you might have different blocks of storage for different employees. This is especially helpful if everyone is working on a different project and needs to have the information compartmentalized. With this ability, you can also manage the amount of storage that each person has, and change it as needed. So if Bob is creating a new program for a client and Jim is only saving simple spreadsheets, you can give more room to Bob and less to Jim. That makes things extremely convenient.

Easily Accessible

The information that you are saving can easily be retrieved as information is available from all servers that are used. They also have all the information spread out so that when you are locating something you aren’t affecting the performance of the system in its entirety, causing a bottleneck for others. This is ideal, as that would cause others systems to run slower, which affects productivity.

In general, an OpenStack block storage cinder is ideal if you are looking to store major files but in an organized and efficient manner. The ability to store them so that they are pretty much individual entities based on however you want to store and retrieve the information is great for businesses that want to keep everything in their system at an optimal level.

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