An Ultimate Guide To Develop a Revenue Generating Membership Website


A membership site, in most simple words, is a website that is only accessible to the subscribed members. Such websites usually need some payment to either retain or gain access to the content. Unlike one-off sales, you charge your customers a monthly payment to give access to content, just like a gym membership. However, the most common products that I’ve seen till now are usually websites like online courses and/or access to some exclusive ongoing content.

The main benefit of a membership site is to generate revenue more efficiently. You can develop a digital product once, and then sell it continuously rather then providing a service in which, you have to be physically present to fulfill every customer that comes.

Best part is any business owner can run a membership site. It’s because when you’re in a business, you have the knowledge and information that your customers are willing to pay for. Now what you have to do is that you just put all of that knowledge into digital format and then you can sell it through your membership site. However, don’t forget that membership sites distribute contents automatically, so if you don’t know how to completely handle your membership site, then I suggest you to get the membership software by This way, you will save a large amount of time to focus on growing your business. Following steps will guide you on how to start making money from your membership site.

Step: 1 – Transform Your Products & Your Knowledge into Consumable Content

There are unlimited ways to box your contents such as creating online courses or training, e-books, reviews, reports, downloadable files, videos/audios, etc. Remember, you already have the content lying around you; you just have to craft it in good quality.

Step: 2 – Make Your Monetization Strategy & Customer Journey

When starting out, it’s better to offer a one-week course for free to generate leads, rather than just charging money for everything. Develop a strategy to get your customers come in and keep them in.

Step: 3 – Automate Marketing & Upsells

Developing the entire membership site solution may take couple of days, but once it gets developed, upload everything in your membership site and automate the upsell emails so that whenever your customer completes one course, you can offer them more via emails.

Step: 4 – Drive Traffic To Your Membership Site

When you’re ready to start selling, don’t just depend on the SEO. Paying for quality traffic is quite good investment here. Because, when you bring in quality visitors to your membership site, they are more likely to be converted into your new customers. For that, you can do paid advertisements. I know it costs more money, but it is absolutely

controllable and scalable so don’t stress yourself while investing into it. Affiliate marketing can also be a great way to drive some quality traffic. Other than these two options, you can also ask the influencers who have great fan-base in your niche to promote and sell your products in exchange of good commission.

Step: 5 – Now Relax & Enjoy The Recurring Revenue

When the recurring revenue starts rolling in, it’s time to sit back and enjoy all the extra time you got. Use this money to pay your debts or go on a vacation. Once your site is up to date, the more users sign up to your membership site, the more revenue you’ll get.


Remember, it is completely ok to not having the perfection. I rather encourage you to take the first step; experimenting with one of your best products. Even if it fails, you’ll still make a great lead magnet back to your website.

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