Apple iPhone X Review


The path-breaking decision of Apple to launch iPhone x on its 10th anniversary ushered in an error of modernization that the company really required after yours of allegiance to a similar look and monotonous design. The inauguration of this flagship device was indeed a particularly risky move for Apple, as it not only opted for an evolved design and an altered look, devoid of its signature home button but also because it came armed with face authentication and OLED technology for the very first time since the company’s inception. And yet, despite the exorbitant price and the bold modifications, iPhone x, has unanimously emerged as one of the best ever smartphones, produced Apple, in recent times.

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Apple iPhone X: The Design

The biggest alteration that the iPhone sports is the elimination of the home button and the modification in the position of the home button and in the choice of its low bezel. Setting aside those the device still boasts of features 1 into the previous generation dash the lack of 3.5 mm headphone jack, the dust-resistant ability, and the water-resistant technology, all thereby remains in place. the 5.8-inch screen lends the phone a premium look and feel, despite the much-disputed notch that it houses at the top. Besides, the device comes with a camera module at the back which with its protruding edge, might unbalance the phone when kept on a flat surface. However, the phone with its high ratio of screen to body has ample pros in terms of its build and is available in colours such as silver and grey, sporting a design that is relatively lighter, the iPhone x, with its tiny edges and scrupulous curves, is extremely comfortable to hold and to use, for one and all.

iPhone X: The Face ID

Another major alteration that the iPhone X opted for was in its choice of the face authentication technology as the primary mode of unlocking the device. The face detection technology fares impressively, the elements of which such as the dot projector and infrared camera are housed in the much disputed notch and produces accurate results both in bright as well as dark situations within a fraction of a second. Besides boasting the ability of face detection that is far more reliable than Samsung, Apple’s flagship device also comes with protection to prevent the phone from getting accidentally unlocked by equipping the same with a feature that warrants the user to be “actively aware” so as to unlock the phone true face authentication.

iPhone X: The Display

Armed with the OLED technology so as to amplify the visual treats couples weight a pixel density of 458 PPI, that is attributed to its remarkable resolution of 2046 x 1125 the display of iPhone X is bound to mesmerize one and all. all the hardly bigger than the 5.5 inch display on iPhone 8, yet the stretch upwards lens the display of this device somewhat of a longer dimension. The notch, all the displaced by many, does not really interfere with the display and somewhat blending. Besides, the brilliant colour scheme, the 18:9 format and the True Tone Display, contribute to the spectacularism of the display and makes the iPhone X stand out.

iPhone X: The Performance

 The amazingly fast performance of this flagship device stems from the 3GB of RAM and the A11 Bionic Chip that perpetually ensures the supreme output of Apple smartphones. Undoubtedly, one of the fastest smartphones in the market, the Apple iPhone X performs admirably well in every situation including those of heavy usage as well as in intense gaming scenarios, by virtue of its supreme graphics processing component and thereby, emerges as a device with a promise to be durable in the long run.

iPhone X: The Battery Life

The battery life determines the credibility of a device up to a great extent and is therefore, essential to be taken into account. As for the iPhone X, the 2,176 mAh battery suffers in case of continuous video playback. Further, the battery life of this smartphone also falls somewhat short, if indulged in strict comparison with that of iPhone 8. However, the device comes with the remarkable wireless charging feature and takes about a bit more than 2 hours to be completely recharged. Yet, the presence of the A11 fusion chip and ensures an all together decent battery performance that is way above satisfactory than in most devices.

iPhone X: The Camera

This flagship device comes with dual rear cameras each of which is of 12 megapixels and comprises Sony sensors- one being wide angled, another consisting of the telephoto lens. The only point of difference in iPhone X is that for the first time, the camera offers dual optical stabilization of images with the telephoto lens boasting app brighter aperture at f / 2.4. this contributes to the reduce noise in pictures and to the improved performance, even in acute low light conditions. with an ability to capture 4K at 60fps, the iPhone X is a great performer, not only in terms of video recording but also in context of remarkable still photography and in shooting decent selfies with the 7 megapixel front camera, all of which, thereby, enable the device to live up to the expectations associated with the amazing photography experience that Apple continually ensures to provide to its users.

iPhone X: The Verdict

With a brilliant design, a mesmerising camera and an overall innovative and satisfying performance, the iPhone X is undoubtedly one of the best devices to have been launched from the house of Apple. although the price is somewhat exorbitant, exceeding even $1,000, yet the device ensures to deliver supreme user satisfaction as well as amazing effectiveness all at the same time. Therefore, if you are someone who desires to own an expensive yet high-end flawless device, then go ahead and order and iPhone X, right today on Amazon wearing the availability of Amazon Electronics Coupons also ensure discounts and concessions to customers, thereby, permitting affordability as well as supreme quality coupled with the smoothest online shopping experience, all at the same time.

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