Are You A Chef? You Can Make Tons Of Money Besides Being Stuck In The Kitchen


Being a chef is a lucrative career, and you don’t have to be in the kitchen all the time to make money. In fact, there are many ways for chefs to make an income, from hosting TV shows to consulting for restaurants.

Check out these opportunities waiting for you:

1. Teach Cooking Classes

Are you a veteran in the kitchen, ready to share your skills and knowledge with others? Then probably you have what it takes to teach.

You can teach private cooking classes or even host events like cooking demonstrations. It’s up to you if you want it part-time, full-time, for a few hours, weekly or monthly.

If you don’t like the hassle of doing this on your own, you can become a teacher in an established culinary school. If you don’t like dealing with huge crowds, bring your classes virtually. You can also record your lessons ahead and upload them to a video-sharing site. Lastly, consider launching an online cooking course.

2. Become an Author

Believe it or not, many people want to learn how to cook, but they don’t have the time and patience to try out recipes on their own. If you can write an easy-to-follow book with clear instructions and delicious photos of your dishes, then you might as well be a great author.

You can be an author in many ways. Self-publishing a cookbook today is one of the easiest ways. When you self-publish, your book can be in print in just weeks, not months. And you get to keep almost all of the profits. You also have more control over the design and the recipes included in your book.

3. Host a TV Show

If you can talk nonstop like Guy Fieri or Bobby Flay, then hosting may be the perfect thing for you. There are tons of food shows on the air, and many local TV stations are always looking for new hosts. Pitch your ideas to local producers or write to existing shows.

Even if you cannot get the gig, you can still become a host by launching a video channel about cooking. You can also write a blog and upload videos of your recipes, with easy-to-follow instructions and actual cooking, step-by-step.

4. Cook for Families

Do you want to live a life of your dreams with a flexible job that lets you enjoy time with your family? Then being a personal chef may just be perfect for you.

It’s for those who like to cook at home but hate the “staring at the stove” part. Plus, you don’t even need culinary training to become a personal chef.

As a personal chef, you prepare meals and deliver them directly to the client’s home. You can work hourly or contractually, and you can do both full-time or part-time.

If you want to earn big for less time, cook for wealthy families. Serving these people can be rewarding both financially since they’re willing to pay a premium for your services.

5. Consult for Restaurants and Grocery Stores

If you’ve been in the food industry for a while, then maybe you can create a consulting business. You don’t have to be part of the food chain to get into this one. You can consult on how to make your products or services better and get paid for it.

You might want to consider working with popular food brands and restaurants. When you work with them, you can get paid for testing out new products or reviewing existing ones.

Another way to go is by consulting on the culinary side of things. If your client wants to update menus or increase their profits, then they can hire you as a consultant to do it for them.

6. Organize Food Events

Do you love organizing parties and events? Then this could be another way for you to get paid.

Even if you don’t have a restaurant or catering company, you can still organize food-related gatherings like cooking workshops and contests. You can even do it in your backyard.

Also, don’t forget to take advantage of the Internet and online communities. You can find people who love food as much as you do and then offer your services free or for a fee.

7. Open Your Own Food Club

Startups like meal delivery kits, such as Blue Apron and Hello Fresh, are growing every day. And behind them is a person who was willing to work hard and take risks. You can do the same thing by launching a food club.

All you need is an idea for a unique subscription box with recipes that people will love—and of course, money to make it happen!

It takes creativity and ingenuity to come up with something new in the food industry, but if you have the talent, then people will pay attention to what you’re selling.

There are many ways to be a chef, but you have to find the perfect path for you. Depending on your interests and skills, choose anything from blogging about cooking to hosting a TV show.

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