Backlink checker – Are the backlinks helping your site in search engine optimization?


Quality over quantity is the rule

The backlink checker is designed to notify you as to how many backlinks are performing their function in an effective manner and are leading to an improved ranking of your website. Every website owner strives to ensure that his website attains a high ranking with search engines. To achieve this feat, he tries to make the best use of search engine optimization. Among the various factors that are taken into account under SEO to determine the ranking of websites, one is that of backlinks.

Backlinks basically imply the link of your website that is featured on other sites for referrals. The more backlinks your site has, the higher probability for your site to attain a high ranking. However, there is one rule that most websites forego and do not take into account. For Google, quality is what matters the most. Quantity would not play a role in your ranking if a fault is detected in the quality.

Counterfeit links would not benefit you

Most of the website owners attempt to defraud Google and create a large number of backlinks for their website at cheap rates. With time, strictness has been observed by Google to eliminate this practice but traces of it still exist. What people do not realize is that not only would such links not benefit your site in any way, but they would also lead to penalization. It needs to be ensured that the backlinks to your site are authentic and have not been fabricated in any way. Your aim should not be to attain numerous backlinks. It should be to ensure that you have a few quality ones.

Check the backlinks with ease

This tool would ensure that you are up to date with the number of backlinks your site has. It would notify you of the quality of these links so that you can determine whether they are beneficial for your site or not. With this tool, you would get valuable information regarding the total number of backlinks, the ranking of the website that features your link, the anchor text which is being used to give a description regarding your page or site, and whether your site has any red flags, particularly if it has been tagged as no follow. All this information would give you an idea as to how much work needs to be put in to improve your ranking by making use of backlinks. It would give you a perception regarding your standing in this aspect so that you can formulate a proper plan for the future.

While making use of this backlink checker is quite beneficial and would guide you in the appropriate direction, we feel it prudent to point out that it would prove to be better for your website if you perform a link audit at least once a year for your website. This will keep you on top of things at all times and will prove to be beneficial for you in the long run.

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