Best 5 Broadband Internet Service Providers In India


Recently the Telecom industry has reported that more than 67% of the smartphones users now prefer to use Wi-fi network than 3G. It is becoming harder for the networks to keep up to the customer’s needs.

That is where Broadband or ISP (Internet Service Providers) come in, what most consumers are frustrated about is that many ISP is not providing services which are not satisfying them. For example Downtime, many consumers have complained that Reliance Broadband has faced downtime more than four times in a day.

Choosing an ISP can be difficult because you may not know if the Internet will work smoothly in your city because usually many network and brands fail.

Top 5 Broadband Internet Service Providers

BSNL Customer Care Number

BSNl has been around for many years trying to provide services which are not available in the country. It’s not like they are the first to provide the service, but there is also no denying that BSNL is the most trusted brand in the country.

Having BSNL connection benefit are,

  • BSNL Customer care number is a Toll-Free number.
  • BSNL Customer care number is more than just one.
  • BSNL Customer care number connect you to the well-trained executives to solve your issue.
  • BSNL Customer care number is 1800-180-1503.

You Broadband

You broadband has become very successful within a matter of a year, which is considered as the fastest Broadband to reach huge customer base. Almost everyone in the industry doesn’t have the packages which the You Broadband is offering.

You broadband starting package is Rs.350/1MBPS, of course, it has a FUP (Fair Usage Policy), which you can increase with just a call to the customer care. Though the customer care requires more training and requires improvements in the technical team.

Airtel & Reliance Broadband

I have now mentioned two popular broadbands, which are known for quality and works smoothly. However, the packages are pretty expensive considering the equality they are maintaining. Reliance and Airtel packages are pretty expensive when it comes to starting package.

What you can expect from the Broadbands are,

  • Amazing speed and they do what they promise in the packages.
  • Customer care is well-trained, and they know how to take care of customers who has no technical knowledge.

ACT Fiber Broadband

ACT fiber is also known as the Beam Fiber in the town. They have recently rebranded their broadband for some reasons, but the services remain the same. Rebranding did some changes in packages, which are decent and now they are planning to expand.

Things which are not satisfying about ACT-Corp Fiber is that the Customer care, Technicians, and relocating process. For More Info go to this link:

Hathway Broadband

Hathway is trying to provide reasonable prices for their quality of work and Internet services. Hathway has a huge base of Internet consumers who have been with them for years and many have posted positive reviews about it.


If you wish to get a service which is providing both quality and quantity then go for ACT Fiber. If you are a gamer then do not go for BSNL but you can call BSNL Customer Care Number is 1800-180-1503.

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