Building Consumer-Brand Relationships with Digital Signage


The continuous growth of online retail shops has led to some technology experts predicting the wipe-out of brick and mortar stores. Well, there might have been tremendous increase in the number of online shops in the past few years, but that doesn’t undermine the essence of physical stores. Many customers still appreciate the allure of in-store shopping experiences. Over the past four decades for which digital signage has been in use, it has played pivotal role in enhancing customer experience in such stores. In the past, it was all about replacing posters with LCD screens. Overtime, innovative retailers have embraced the need of linking their billboards, smart televisions, web messaging and even print in creating stronger social media experience.

Loyalty is earned

Business owners, more than anyone else, understand the need for repeat, loyal customers. Ideally, the success of an enterprise is hugely dependent on that. Transforming a one-time shopper into a loyal customer requires an engaging and sustainable experience. In the past, businesses have adopted an array of digital signage displays, with the main aim of improving customer experience and strengthening the consumer-brand bond. In the process, consumers have been able to:

  • Reduce frustration and boredom associated with static billboard advertisements
  • Get more information on product lines
  • Access quick information on existing discounts and limited offers
  • Have an entertaining and engaging experience
  • Getting quick directions, which helps in avoiding unnecessary confusion

The amazing aspect is that consumers have been able to achieve all these while standing in a line waiting to be served or when going around their normal shopping experience. In the process, retailers have not only managed to engage consumers but also earn respect from their customers. The result is a stronger customer-brand relationship, which breeds loyalty.

How can you improve this relationship?

The ultimate goal of staying in business is to make profits and extend your revenue margins. Achieving this requires you to have a stream of loyal customers even as you attract new ones. Providing an engaging experience to customers is one sure way of achieving that. When used appropriately,digital signage can work a long way in inspiring customers and engaging them.Some of the proven strategies that have worked in the past include:

Digital Menu Boards; these make it easy to highlight certain products. Menu boards are particularly good for restaurants and hotels where food prices and varieties need to be displayed.

Welcome boards; first impression is always important in business and welcome boards play a great role in enhancing that. Heighten customer-brand relationship by highlighting the brand message or company’s core values in a dynamic welcome board.

Infotainment; long queues in service centres provide brands with the opportunity of advertising, marketing and creating an impact in the life of consumers. You can spice up this moment by offering forms of entertainment while achieving your objective.

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