Can Technology Save Your Life? A Look at 21st Century Healthcare


If anyone had asked a boomer back in 1991 if they thought there would come a point in time when a smartphone could save their lives, they would have probably thought the person asking the question was speaking a foreign language. At that time cell phones were still in their relative infancy stages of development and in fact, few people actually had a mobile phone, some of which were literally plugged into their automobiles. But a smartphone? Think how silly that would have sounded to a person who probably didn’t even have a home PC at that time. In fact, less than 20% of people had a home computer at that point in time so you can imagine how alien smartphone technology would have sounded.

Smart Technology for Healthcare

Today almost every household has a mobile phone and although they are cheaper than ever before, many people need to rely on free government smartphones in order to have one on hand. With this being said, if you are disabled, elderly or suffering from a chronic or debilitating condition, you are someone who should have a mobile phone in order to take advantage of mobile healthcare apps. Smart technology for healthcare links your smartphone with devices so that any info collected can be transmitted to your provider. It saves time, money and could one day save your life.

21st Century Healthcare

Healthcare Apps in the News

According to one of the industry’s leading news sites, MedReps, there is a huge boost in the number of healthcare apps being launched in 2016. Even though the FDA is still saying that more needs to be done to put devices and apps into the hands of patients who really need them, there is growing evidence that greater numbers of consumers are utilizing health and fitness apps downloaded from the corresponding app store. Each OS has its own app store where most health and fitness apps are available, many free of charge. However, some healthcare apps are proprietary to medical devices and this is where the real cost is incurred. If the patient/consumer isn’t able to afford the device and their insurance doesn’t cover it, their cell phone won’t do them much good.

Lifesaving Apps You Should Know About

One of the most important apps that could literally save your life is called Medical ID and it can be used with either iPhones or Androids. This is just a simple app that can be dialed without the need to access your phone. Medical ID gives pertinent information about you as a patient such as any illnesses, conditions and diseases you may be suffering from along with medications you are currently taking and any allergies you may have.

So then, can technology save your life? You bet it can! Whether you need to be warned that your glucose levels are too high threatening a diabetic incident or that your blood pressure is skyrocketing, you need to know in time to prevent problems. A small wearable device can monitor these things and then send off a warning to you telling you what is wrong and giving advice on how to correct the problem. Technology may one day be responsible for saving your life so it pays to learn what you can about it and then follow up as it advances. It’s like having a mobile doctor in your pocket and that’s as good as it gets.

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