Catch the classy and elegant Samsung galaxy C-7


Samsung is the company that is very popular and it is very much popular for providing the service of best new TV, LCD, laptops, mobiles, AC, refrigerator, microwave and many other goods of electronics. There is no doubt that today if you will search on the internet or compare the company like Samsung with any other company then you will come to know that Samsung is the best company that is providing you the best products. Talking about the mobiles that they are available of Samsung are very reliable and maximum people are using the mobile of this company. Now they are launched their new model that is very much for the use of people for storing the vast data and the model that they have released is galaxy C-7. In this article you will be getting the complete detail about Samsung galaxy C-7.

Technical Specifications

  1. The display or the screen that you are having in this new model C-7 is very much HD prints that you are able to watch and the display has the size that is 5.70 which is almost the half foot.
  2. The processor that you are getting is very much of 2GHz.
  3. You have the front camera that is 8-megapixel and the rear camera that is having the 16-megapixel. The cameras are very much clear and all the photos or the videos that you take from this model are very much having the natural effects.
  4. Resolution that is 1080x1920pixels
  5. In this model you are having the RAM that is of 4GB.
  6. It is OS Android 6.0.1
  7. It is having the storage capacity that is 32 GB.
  8. The main thing that is battery backup is very much strong and the battery runs for the long time. It has 3300mAh battery and if you once recharge full this model then ity is very much fact that you are able to run this model for 3 to four days which means you are not required it to recharge in between.
  9. If you go for the compare then you will find that it has the maximum function from all the models that are present of any company and the rate is also less than of the others.
  10. Very much slim and good looking and has the screen touch function.
  11. It is having the best thrilling features and having the steel body.

Galaxy C7

This model is the best option that you have in the market and another feature that has been included in this model that is galaxy C-7 is that it is also a waterproof product. As in early days it was found that people that were having the mobile often gets damaged with water but this is the model that is very much waterproof. If you are looking to get this phone, you must try Paytm coupons as it will help you get some discount. If you like to buy this product then you can have this from the internet as there are numerous sites that are selling this product. You are also having the voucher code for having the discount on this model. All you have to do is get the voucher code and apply that voucher during the time you buy this model on the place where the promo code is required. It is very much beneficial code in which you are able to have the cash back and also the discount on this model. The galaxy C-7 is having the advance technology that will be for the long time and it is the best option that you have today in which you are getting g all the facilities that are required today and also that in very less price.

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