Cisco Business Edition 6000S Phone System


You have started your business long ago and still, you are on low level. The main reason of this is that you are not providing best customer services to your precious and valuable customers. You are not solving their problems and queries on time that’s why they do not have interest in your product or services. Reason of this is that you do not have specific phone system for your business so that employees and customer may interact with each other. Growth and development of any business depends on the effective communication among organisation and with its customers. if you have started your own business, you should also have your specific phone number so that customer may approach you at anytime and this also strengths Customer employee relationship.

Many companies are there in the market that provides you business phone system for your business. This business phone number will be unique and toll free for your all customers. You will get all your business related call on this number. You have to pay little amount for using such facility. Cisco business edition 6000S is phone system that will give you phone numbers for your business. it provides effective and reliable communication between customers and employees so that they can help each other in all aspects. More than 1000 users use this business phone number. Even, all employees in an office are in touch with this phone system and information may be spread among all employees within seconds. Employees, customers and business partners communicate through each other using voice, video, messaging, data and mobility applications.

If you have start to think taking business phone system from Cisco 6000S, you will get number of advanced features like

  • Voice over IP phone calls
  • Voice mail
  • Paging
  • Instant and unified messaging
  • Video and web conferencing
  • Calls from smart phones and tablets

With this Cisco business phone system, you can also integrate your own phones so that you will get all your business related calls on your mobile phone if you are not available in office. If you have needed to do video calls, you do not need to integrate your monitor with this system. With this system, you will get device for video calls. Charges for using such system are that you can afford it easily. Customizable hold messages and hold calls may be recorded automatically for further review. If any customer calls you and line is busy, his or her call will transfer to another line so that he or she will not wait for a second.

Cisco business edition 6000S phone system has only one year hardware warranty. If you face any problem in your phone system, you will get help and support solutions via email, live chat and telephone. Number of tutorials also placed on official site of Cisco so that users may solve their problems without taking help of anyone. You will also use your phone number for business calls if you are in no network area.

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