Coffee Shop


Coffee shops have lost its authentic feel for a good cup of coffee and online reputation services are aware of this phenomenon. In North America, coffee is treated as bitter fuel for the typical hard worker but forgot how to properly enjoy a sip of a cappuccino or latte. ORM has made it their goal to help bring back the proper way of drinking coffee in North America; they started to do pro-bono work for small coffee shops around North America. They pick the coffee shops that resemble the European style of making a cup of coffee. In Europe, no one drinks filtered coffee, that is a very North American habit and a bad habit at that. The problem is that there was research suggesting that coffee does a terrific job in waking up a person in the morning and this knowledge have become the virus that destroyed the truest way of drinking coffee. Many agree that coffee works in the morning; however, research also states that after thirty minutes to an hour, the effects of coffee wears out and the user starts to crash extremely hard which the coffee is seen as a drug. Many people who started to drink coffee admit they go through mini withdrawal symptoms whenever they don’t get their coffee fix regularly. Then with the addition of sugar and you’re officially a druggy. Drugs are drugs, whether some are legal or illegal, drugs still create dependency issues on a user. However, the way the coffee is brewed and enjoyed in Europe is another habit entirely. It still is a drug but the habit they formed when ingesting coffee, it is purely for taste and relaxation; where in North America, everyone drinks coffee because they need that quick burst of energy. Online reputation services realizes that in order to break that nasty habit of dependancy, they need to promote the European way of drinking coffee.

In North America, there are thousands of small coffee shops that create amazing coffee but ORM knows that many of these shops go bankrupt within five years since they are not popular. This is why they started to do Pro-Bono for small coffee shops; they want them to survive and resuscitate this lost lifestyle. They started to help the small coffee shops by creating websites and profiles on social media and to share it with other popular figures on social media pages. All they need is a few celebrities tweeting or posting a picture on Instagram about the coffee. That is all small coffee shops need to take over the marketshare from Starbucks or Tim Hortons.

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