Comparing Gas and Electric Fireplaces − Which Are Best?


When deciding between buying a gas or electric fireplace, it’s essential to research all your options in order to ensure that you’re buying the fireplace that best suits your needs and wants.

Electric fireplaces are convenient as they’re energy efficient and don’t release much pollution into the air. They have special amenities where you can run the flame without the heat, and vice versa. Some units also have timers that can turn themselves on and off when the timer is set. Most electric units come with a remote control as well, plus they can be installedin any room due to chimneys not being required.

Natural gas heaters provide a greater level of ambience in a room than electric fireplaces. This is because the fire is real, with the flames coming from a burner hidden by ceramic logs that spreads the fire. Gas fireplaces burn fairly cleanly, however they do produce carbon monoxide and therefore need a chimney. You must obey laws in your local area when installing a gas heater, as most chimneys require professional installation.

Can’t make up your mind between gas and electric? Read on to find out whether a gas fireplace or electric fireplace is best suited to your needs in terms of installation, safety and style.


There are some big differences between gas and electric fireplaces when it comes to installation. If your house has an existing gas line, you can have a gas fireplace in Melbourne installed without too much difficulty − but you will need a chimney. If your house isn’t connected to gas, you’ll need to incorporate a tank into the cost and design of your fireplace installation. For those without an existing gas line, an electric fireplace may be a more cost-effective option. An electric fireplace simply plugs into the wall and there’s no need for complex installation. As all electric appliances are factory-wired, safety also doesn’t depend on the person who installs an electric fireplace.


Gas and electric fireplaces both have a similar degree of safety. A gas fireplace in Melbourne usually heats up faster than electric, however electric fireplaces are constructed with materials that don’t transmit heat as easily, making them less of a safety hazard. It’s important to consider the safety of your loved ones around you, including any children or pets who might get burnt from being near the fireplace. When buying either a gas or electric fireplace, you must consider the safety features if you plan to use it around pets or children.


The style of LPG gas heaters and electric fireplaces are quite flexible. While many people prefer the more realistic look of natural gas heaters during operation, electric models are continually improving in terms of how authentic they look. Both are designed in a way that will suit all tastes, therefore you don’t have to worry about it not matching the interior of your home.

When looking for the right style, it can be useful to ask a fireplace specialist for help. They’ll have extensive knowledge and experience in different fireplaces and can recommend the best one for your lifestyle.

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