Create the sudo user for CentOS 7 – Know the Benefits


In certain cases when you run commands on the computer or server, they have to be used with the root privileges. But, you might not have an access to its root account itself and might have that kind of access restricted on your computer for some security reasons. It is where a “sudo” command comes to save your day! By making use of sudo command you may temporarily escalate or grant root level privileges even to a regular user.

The article will give you an absolute simple way to create and to add a sudo user click here in CentOS 7 having a sudo access. Suppose you just wanted to create the normal user that doesn’t have the sudo access, then you will have to know how to make a new user in CentOS 7. You need to be aware that you will have to access the server by using SSH. Suppose you are not sure how you can access the server through SSH, refer to the complete guide


A sudo command provides the mechanism to grant administrator privileges, which is generally available to its root user or normal users only. Here we will show you some of the simple way of creating the new user with the sudo access, without any modification in to your server’s file. Suppose you would like to configure your sudo for the existing user, then you have to go through all the steps.

Why to Create Sudo User?

Suppose you are manually provisioning your server, then you must not connect straight as root. Instead, you must create the separate users with the sudo capabilities, and accessing server as a non-root user or running the root commands with the sudo. The setup has many key benefits. Firstly, users are limited at what commands they execute, and what actions they take when root. Also, you can audit the actions, and easily revoke the root access without even rotating keys and changing the root password for which everybody has an access.

First time you use sudo, you will be prompted for a password to complete your command. Suppose you followed the guide and password was entered rightly, you must see the list of directory for its root user. using the sudo user is one best security practice, since it ensures you can enjoy all the benefits to have root user’s privileges with no risks associated in using a root account all the time.

Obviously, you do not need to create the sudo user at CentOS 7, in case you use CentOS 7 Hosting services that case you may ask the expert Linux admins for creating the sudo user at CentOS 7. They’re accessible 24×7 and can take care of the request right away. So, if you want to add a sudo user click here now!

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