Cyber Threats and the Risks to the Healthcare Industry


In the world of the digital era, cyber threats are becoming one of the major issues faced by several organizations. Several sensitive records are being exposed through data breaches and used for multiple illegal purposes by the criminals. Similarly, healthcare industries are in the highest threat as it holds medical data of many patients, which is attracting the ecosystem of the criminals. Data breach in such industries not only has dramatic effects on the patients whose data are being disclosed, but it also affects the reputation & finance of the company. In 2013, a cyber security company issued a record of about 30 million Americans whose personal health information has been disclosed or breached since 2009.

With the large migration process from paper-based documents to electronic health records over the years, several healthcare industries are in the risk of cybercriminal attacks. Reportedly, Experts believe that medical identities are considered more valuable in the criminal ecosystem than any financial identities. One possible way to protect medical data from healthcare industry is to use Endpoint Management Software that analyzes the network devices and allows only the ones that fulfill security-specific policies.

Security Issues Faced By Healthcare Industry

One of the biggest problems of the healthcare industry are many of them are not aware of main cyber threats. These industries only realize how they are prone to such cybercriminal attacks after a series of data breaches that has already occurred. The causes of major healthcare data breaches are data theft, unauthorized access, improper record disposal, loss of unencrypted digital devices like laptops, PCs, mobile phones containing Protected Health Information (PHI). In the record of around 200 healthcare data breaches that occurred in 2013, 7 million PHI data has been exposed, increasing up to 137% as compared to data breaches in 2012.

Due to the increasing rate of such criminal attacks in healthcare industries, the FBI issued a warning to concerned organizations that works for healthcare. According to FBI, cyber criminals are attacking these organizations not only to disclose Protected Health Information but also Personally Identifiable Information. They even stole personal data of the patients like names, addresses, contact numbers, etc.

In order to protect such sensitive medical information, Endpoint Management software can be installed that has been developed by Promisec Company. Healthcare industry can use this software to make sure that all the network devices satisfy the strict & security-based policies before getting network access. The basic idea behind the use of Endpoint management is to design a system that will analyze all the devices requesting the access to the network and block the ones that do not meet the set criteria.


With the increasing rate of medical data theft from health care industries, it will be a wise decision to find a solution before facing the cyber threats & risks. Endpoint Protection management is one of the effective ways that will definitely protect the medical information by timely accessing the threats. It will not only save the time but also the processing power and money.

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