Defunct Technology – A History


Technology advances at an astonishing rate, and products that were innovative and cutting edge only a couple of years ago are now confined to the scrap heap. The amount of electronic waste is increasing rapidly as people look to update their technology to the latest and greatest, but how much of this defunct technology is still used today?

CRT TVs, VHS tapes and even cassette tapes are now largely obsolete as we move further into the digital era, but there has been a resurgence in old technology over the past few years as people look for a more nostalgic feel.

Vinyl records, typewriters and Polaroid cameras Latest Whatsapp Status have all seen an increase in sales over the past decade, so much so that brands have actually start making new versions and the retro games sector keeps going from strength to strength as people look to recreate their childhoods or look to embrace these long forgotten games.

My Voucher Codes has kindly let us use a great infographic which categorises these old technologies and what replaced them. How many do you remember?

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