Differences between metered and unmetered dedicated server


If you already made up your mind to go with a dedicated server, your next option would be finding out whether you want a metered or unmetered type. There is a huge difference between the two and that you need to be aware of to come up with an informed choice. First, you have to know what bandwidth is. In the internet term, bandwidth stands for the data transfer rate of a dedicated server. It pertains to the amount of data a network can handle over a given period of time. the higher the bandwidth, the better, but keep in mind that a high bandwidth is not always recommended, especially if your site does not receive a lot of traffic and does not operate on multiple devices.

Unmetered dedicated server –cheap dedicated server unmetered has no cap on the bandwidth limit. You have the option to choose between 100 MB, 1 GB, and 10 GB. Your choice will define the speed that data travel in and out of the server. The beauty of an unmetered server is there is no risk of paying bandwidth outage charges.

Metered dedicated server – A metered dedicated server offers high bandwidth and fast connectivity, which is perfect for sites that receive a lot of traffic, game hosting, and video streaming. With a metered server, there is a pre-determined bandwidth capacity, and you get to determine how much you are going to pay for the entire period. Many people are okay with a metered dedicated server as they don’t want to be surprised later on when their bill arrives.

Choosing between metered and unmetered dedicated server is all about acknowledging what your site needs along with your preference and budget. It is a must to make your research and thorough comparison to come up with the best decision.

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