Different Benefits Of Single Sign-On Softwares For Identity Management


Digitization has brought an incredible transformation in our lives, be it on personal, social or professional front. In order to persist in today’s digital environment, you need to have multiple online accounts. This proliferation of accounts further leads to the need for remembering several passwords; often causing confusion and inconvenience. Fortunately, we have effective solutions available for identity management, like single sign-on softwares,to simplify our lives.

For those unfamiliar with the term, SSO or single sign-on, refers to a unique system which offers access to multiple related, yet individual, software systems using a single password.  In simple words, a user can log in using a single password and gain access to various applications or software. He does not get the prompt for logging in every time he switches from one system to another. This one time authentication system can prove transformational for people who have to face the hassle of logging in their details and credentials again and again while using different applications. Some of the prime benefits of this system include:

  • Convenience

The first and foremost benefit of this software is the ease it offers. Usually people have different passwords for every account, remembering which can prove to be troublesome. Writing and keeping the passwords with you can lead to safety concerns. On the other hand, integrating single sign-on softwares means the users have to remember one password only and it definitely makes their life more convenient. Moreover, there is no restriction of location, as several applications can be accessed as per requirement, thus transcending limitations of space.

  • Improved efficiency

Wastage of time and resources is inevitable when a number of passwords are used to log in different applications. Remembering many passwords can prove to be a huge task in itself. This further has an adverse impact on the efficiency of professionals, resulting in lower output and dropped performance. Single sign-on system can help to combat this issue by enabling users to spend less time on remembering and filling different passwords and giving them enough time to pay more attention to their work and performance.

  • Security

Security of data and information shared online is of immense concern, as it is prone to getting hacked and misused. However, this risk can be lowered to a great level by adopting single sign-on system. As in the case of multiple online accounts, remembering many passwords can lead to exhaustion, often leading to weak and easy to crack passwords. This is not the case anymore, as people practice more caution when they have to set their passwords, as they have to remember only one password. Such passwords are difficult and cannot be guessed easily; thus, increasing the safety of accounts.

It is inconceivable to survive today without any online presence; however, as you will have more accounts, you will be required to remember more passwords, thus proving to be an additional complication or hassle. Single sign-on softwares are the ideal solution in such scenarios, enabling users to save their valuable time and resources, while ensuring better performance and efficiency.

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