Download and install MyJio app to get various offers


If you are using the Jio network, then you would have wondered with questions like where I need to check my balance, where to recharge online, where to know about my latest offers, and so on. The solution to all these questions is to download and install the MyJio application that is available in Play Store on your device. The myjio app is great for all the Jio network users as it gives detailed information on various plans and bills for your packs. You can learn about the download, installation, and reasons for using the application.

How to download and install the myjio app on my phone?

Downloading and installing the Jio application on your mobile phones is so simple and easy as follows

  • Go to play store and search for ‘My Jio’ application. You can find the results and choose the official app provided by the Reliance Jio networks which are written as My Jio in red colored font.
  • You can find the download option and click it to download directly on your device.
  • After downloading the myjio app, install it on your device.
  • After installation, open the app and it will ask for the type of device you use like mobile, modem, or jiofi. It detects the sim card on the device after choosing it.
  • Once the mobile number and device is detected, the app gets open under your name and number.

That’s it. The myjio app can be used for multiple purposes like recharges and checking balances.

Why should I download the myjio application?

The application has many advantages and if you are using the Jio network, then it is highly recommended to install the app for multiple uses. The myjio app has to be downloaded as it has multiple advantages as follows

  • Checking balance: The balance for data, voice, and SMS can be checked at the same place for keeping track of it.
  • Recharges: If you want to recharge for prepaid or post-paid plans for voice, data, and SMS, it can be done within seconds using the myjio app. The recharges can be done by choosing the plans and paying through various online payment methods.
  • Bill payments: The other bill payments like electricity bills, cable or dth, shopping, and other bills can be paid easily by connecting your bank account with Jio money which can be easily done inside the Myjio app.
  • Vouchers and coupons: Various coupons and offers for jio users are provided by the company. This can be known only through the application. Many festivals offer like bonus data will be added without notice. This can be made use by regularly checking the application.

The myjio app is great for all the jio network users as it helps to perform various activities like recharges, bill payments, and balance checking in a few seconds. This is a great app for all the users and can be easily used as the interface is easy.

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