Downloading Videos From Video Streaming Sites Just Got Easier With TubeMate


Watching videos online has become a favorite activity for all the people across the world who have an internet connection. There are so many types of videos like tutorials to learn new things, funny videos to cheer your mood up, inspirational and motivational videos, troubleshooting videos to music videos and movies. But you might be aware of the fact that videos consume maximum internet data. Data packs being not so cheap around the world yet, it is better to look for an alternative rather than compromising with your favorite activity. TubeMate App is one of the best alternatives where you can download any video from any video streaming platform and save it offline for watching it again and again. Go for TubeMate free download on your mobile as well as on your PC and never let video consume internet data twice.

How To Download Videos Using TubeMate?

Download the app to your mobile or desktop and open it. Through it, you have to navigate to the video streaming site and to the video which you want to download. Then simply click on the download button. It will ask you to select the resolution of the video that you want to download. You can also select a file format as per your requirement. Finally click on download again and the video will start downloading instantly.

Features Of TubeMate That Make It The Best

Working In Background – First of all, it has a very easy to use and has an intuitive graphical user interface which helps to download videos effortlessly from all popular video streaming sites. You can have the app in the background while it is downloading a video and on top of that, you can do your regular work with other apps. This is a great feature because downloading long videos is going to take some time and you can do other stuff during that time.

4K Videos – It is a lightweight app and hence, does not occupy too much space or resources and even old smartphones with less RAM and memory space can have it without any constraints. It is better to have same app and software on your mobile device and desktop. Their team keeps on upgrading the app from time to time to add new useful features and fix any bug as reported by the users. The latest upgrade has the options to download higher resolution videos taken with latest cameras. As a matter of fact, now, you can download 4K videos and play them on your 4K TV. Downloading such videos takes place at 60FPS for better and shaper quality. At the same time, you can download low-resolution videos such as 144p for playing them in old smartphones and mobile phones.

Minimum Battery Usage – The recent version takes the least amount of battery power and you can download videos in any file format as per your requirement. Old smartphones may not support MP4 file format, and therefore, you can download 3GP video files. Besides, you can have 20 videos listed under playlist, and it supports 45 different languages.

Therefore, go for TubeMate free download instantly and watch your favorite videos anytime anywhere without an internet connection.

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