Everything That You Need To Make You Feel Safe At Home


There are a lot of people that are looking for surveillance systems. Gone are the days when just locking our doors made our homes safe. This has led many people to adding home video surveillance systems. These new systems are not big and bulky anymore.


Now these systems are faster and very streamlined people do have a better way of keepingtheir homes safe. Also these better systems give the homeowner a better sense that they are really safe in their own homes.


Ifthis is what you are looking for, 42nd Street Photo has all the equipment and information you need. Since our homes are really our castles, they should also be the place where we feel safe. But so many break-ins have happened many have found that they really don’t feel safe in their own homes. So a lot of homeowners are shopping for surveillance systems.


There are several ways this can be done with the best three including:

  • Surveillance DVR
  • CCTV security cameras
  • Remote internet access and monitoring


The DVR or digital video recorder works like the security tape systems back in the past. It lets you record much more and with:

  • Better clarity
  • Color
  • Picture quality

If someone breaks in, the DVR will catch the person’s face with almost perfect clarity.


CCTV cameras and security systems are great systems that allow you to view your home with your computer or an app for your cell phone. These are great systems if you have children or pets at home and you want to see what they are up too or check on the babysitter.

There are also systems with very small cameras that can’t be seen. These systems can also be used to monitor on the internet.

For more information just go to 42nd Street Photo and see the vast inventory of equipment for just the perfect system that you are looking for.

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