Finding a Whole New Way to Use Text Messaging


Business owners are united in quite a few things. There’s obviously a lot of differences to be found in various types of business. But people are often surprised by just how much various businesses actually have in common. For example, there’s one goal more than any other that business owners are in search of. Companies are united in a desire for better interoffice communication.

This might not seem like much of an issue to people on the outside of the business world. When they think of business it’s usually with an idea of one central figure issuing commands that are instantly obeyed. Anyone who’s actually run a business can attest to the fact that this isn’t the case. In fact, running a business can harken back to childhood games of telephone. It’s a fairly easy concept to explain if one is unaware of it.

A game of telephone involves several people sitting around in a circle. One person comes up with a message and whispers it into the ear of the next person down the line. This person will then try to whisper the same message to the next person in line. By the time it reaches the first person the message will usually have become garbled and totally different than what it started out as. And not just the wording either. The underlying message encoded within the phrase is usually lost along the way as well.

And this is far too often the case with interoffice communication. You might have devised the perfect strategy to react to a particular change in the market. But that’s not enough to lead your company to success. You need your employees to actually act on that plan in time for it to work.

It’s not an easy proposition. But there are ways to help ensure it happens. One of the best is to simply leverage a communication protocol which everyone is already used to. Basically, you should use the same protocol that everyone already uses with their phone. People are so used to using SMS that they even pay attention to it while walking around town.

As such, it’s almost a given that any text message system for business should come with some built in advantages. As we touched on earlier, one of the most important aspects of using SMS is that people are already used to it. People have a tendency to pay less attention to a new technology that’s forced on them. It’s just second nature for people to rebel against what they perceive as an unwanted distraction. And new forms of messaging are often seen that way.

However, everyone’s used to that familiar vibration or tone from their phone. Many of us even have our watches to give a quick summary of the SMS text on our wrists. Basically, people have already become primed for text messaging. It’s already a part of their lives. And what’s more, people have trained themselves to pay attention to it. When you tie into text messaging, you’re taking advantage of people’s attentiveness.

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