Five new features that make Anno 1800 exciting to play


Considered as one of the best new Real Time Strategy (RTS) games in 2019, the new chapter of Anno 1800 will take you back in time during the first years of the rising Industrial period and in this article, it might be good for us to talk about its new and important features that are totally different from its predecessors, the Anno 2070 and the Anno 2205 as the developers of this game brings you back to the historical times.

The previous releases which are the Anno 2070 and the Anno 2205 presented us with a futuristic vision and great technological advancements while this previous release focuses on allowing the players to travel to space and create their own colony on the moon, the Anno 1800 takes you back to the historical times and the places during the XIX century where it was the birth of the Industrial era where you will be able to build your own city at the beginning of this century and transform your city into an industrial power.

Listed below are some of the most notable new features that you can enjoy playing Anno 1800 and before you make any anno 1800 download.

  1. Blueprint mode- This feature allows you to use the blueprint mode where you can facilitate the process of managing all your available space on your city or island and you can even play your city in advance as well as to continue constructing buildings when you have enough resources to use, and to add more, you can select different buildings and move it to a different location if it is needed.
  2. Amazonia- This feature which is an additional game session is very similar to its previous releases wherein it offers you an additional game session after you investigate an impressive city at your primary location, you will be able to unlock and discover South America where you can colonize it, build a city there and acquire unique goods and unlockable items and skills.
  3. Cultural buildings- You can hire artisans to work on building different cultural buildings such as a zoo and a museum while these unique constructions can increase your city’s aesthetics and decorations, it can even make you join or participate special events such as expeditions in order to acquire legendary artifacts and discover new species of animals.
  4. Expeditions- Speaking of expeditions if you are able to build your own zoo and your museum, you will get to discover the world and move away from your camera from the world map where you can join different interesting expeditions. All you have to do is to choose your ship, stack some supplies and hire important crew members and start the mission.
  5. City attractiveness- Your empire can be defined into six different factors, the culture, nature, vulgarity, instability, pollution, and festivity and all of these factors can affect the city’s attractiveness which affects the number of guests and tourists that visits your island. The less polluted and the less instability level on your city or island, the more tourists and guests will visit there which strengthens your economy and your popularity all throughout the game. For more details about Anno 1800, go here.
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