Follow These 4 Tips to Survive Car Sales in the Internet Age


Information is at consumers’ fingertips within seconds these days, and they are better informed than ever before they make a purchase. When it comes to major purchases like a car, many individuals spend as much as 17 hours researching products online. If you sell cars for a living, it may seem like the availability of data has put you in a squeeze, but the truth is, it just means that you need to adapt your tactics.

#1) Live Dealer Chat

If you’re lucky, your dealer website is already using a live chat service supported by 24/7 operators. They generate a steady stream of leads by converting web traffic and booking test drives. Make sure you’re making the most of the opportunities created by these unique tools since the best dealer chat in the US makes it easy for salespeople to communicate to operators during chats or even join in the conversation themselves.

#2) Make It About Them – with Insider Tips

If you don’t know what a behavioral intelligence system is, it’s time you spoke up to the manager – or found a new lot to work on, because it’s going to be your best friend. When your customer steps onto the lot, they know more about the products you want to sell them than ever before. By the time the customer approaches you about making a purchase, they are already 57% through the purchasing process. You need to know your customer just as thoroughly as they know your inventory, and behavioral intelligence systems like the one driving the Gubagoo chat service puts that knowledge in your pocket. The system tags IP addresses and tracks their clicks on the dealer website, and while operators use this information to push relevant products to create a lead, you can also access this information through their mobile app. You can even get involved in the online conversation by monitoring them through the app and jumping in when you sniff an eager buyer. Then, when the customer steps on the lot to make the purchase, you have already developed a rapport.

#3) Learn How to Follow Up

While the average response time to an Internet lead is nearly 47 hours, Internet leads often go cold within an hour. Consumers are getting used to the instant gratification made possible by shopping online, and they bring that set of expectations even to bigger purchases like a car. If it takes you 48 hours to follow up, the chances are the excitement has waned and they have already fallen in love with a different make or bargain. Make sure you follow up on those leads generated by a live chat service like Gubagoo fast, i.e. within an hour, and make it worth their while. Send them new information about a model or an incentive they read about on the website.

#4) Be Patient

A lot of leads you might dismiss as “No Chance” might just not be there yet – a new automobile is a “want,” not a need. But as their old car wears down or their lease approaches expiration, their need will become acute. Make sure that when it does, you’re still on their mind. One way to do this is to send out a newsletter that contains a mix of new incentives and honest, valuable tips. Sometimes leads just take a bit of nurturing before you can close the deal.

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