Get Rolling with Easy-to-Move Furniture Choices


As satisfying as it is to arrange your home furnishings just the way you want them, the real-life truth is that you’ll never be done with pushing and pulling and rearranging. Whether you’re running TV cables behind a sofa, relocating tables for a party, or making room for endlessly accumulating possessions, chances are you’re going to be shoving stuff around on a regular basis. Putting all those weighty items on wheels lets you roll with the changes and relocate with ease.

In the Living Room

If you’ve ever watched a theatrical presentation and marveled at the way stagehands speedily scoot large chunks of scenery on and off as needed, you’ve seen what putting something like swivel casters with lock on heavy items can do. Be ready to recreate your own personal scene by seeking out sectionals on wheels or adding casters to your current couches and love seats. Roll-able side tables and coffee tables could be pulled into use elsewhere from time to time instead of being rooted in place.

In the Kitchen

Roll in a quick kitchen update with an island on wheels that provides the storage and workspace you crave without having to be expensively built-in. Move it to where you need it or push it under a cabinet. Wheeled carts, wastebaskets, and step stools can also keep the items you need close at hand or foot.

In the Bedroom

Putting a bed up against the wall is great for maximizing space but not so great for bed-making. Wheels make it easy to gain some tucking-in and smoothing-out space. Add them to an existing bed or finally get around to replacing that one wheel that fell off from a formerly mobile model. While you’re screwing in those wheels, put some on your dresser and chest of drawers, so next time you have to rearrange or vacuum or accommodate extra items, the job will be that much easier.

Wherever There’s a Mess

When shopping for storage solutions, opt for carts and crates with wheels. Roll bins of boots and sports equipment under mudroom benches. Look for rolling toolboxes, beauty-item trollies, and laundry caddies that slide into small spaces. Nothing like moving clutter out of sight with a quick push.

With a little careful furniture selection and some easy hardware installation, you can be the master of your own home stage. And you’ll never strain your back pushing a heavy item again.

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