Google Pixel- New Android phone from Google? under 58k


Google has launched its very first smartphone called Pixel, the drive behind the introduction of this new Android smartphone is to challenge the fierce competition that exists in the premium mobile segment. Google aims to conquer the high-end smartphone market to fight the intense competition with techie biggie Apple.

The Pixel smartphone is a devise wholly owned by Google different from Nexus phones where Google was in charge of providing software and other functions were engineered by Nexus. What can we look forward to in Google Pixel? Let us browse through the intriguing details of the phone.

Design and Display:

The Google Pixel smartphone looks amazing and it has an interesting design and the features that define design attractiveness is the sturdy build and glossy glass display. There are headphone sockets and there is a fingerprint scanner. The handling effect of the mobile is smooth contributed by the presence of neat flat sides and curved corners. The most interesting aspect about the design of Google Pixel is it has a distinctive appearance with a shiny glass panel that covers two third of the rear and the phone has a nice wedge shape. The only concern is it does not have waterproof technology.

This smartphone is built with a 5-inch full HD AMOLED display and it does seem to be a shortfall against other effectual mobiles with screen of 5.1-inch dimension or even bigger. For people who are keen on a fantastic viewing experience, the display power is just fantastic, the viewing angles are super crisp and colorful and viewers can easily distinguish between deep colors and black and whites. Even under heavy sunlight, the readability of display is great.


Google Pixel is engineered with an advanced new Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor. The performance output is known to be great. According to reports, the Pixel is among the most efficient Android smartphones to exist, it is quick and versatile and it does not get too hot when loaded or within a short duration of usage.

Users with first-hand experience with Pixel found this devise to be highly efficient, it lasted for more than twenty-four hours without charging. During this duration user could conduct a lot of operations such as gaming, 5 hours of music, tons of notifications and emails and upload few photos.

Operating system:

Google Pixel is engineered with an efficient Android 7.0 Nougat operating system and this software enables robust battery preservation. This software also enables other efficient operations such as blocking visual alerts when the do not disturb signal is on and flashing LED notification light. Such a feature is beneficial for users who charge their mobiles overnight, and they can easily observe the flashing light.


Google Pixel is built with an impressive 12.3MP rear camera, and sources say the quality of image capture is superior to many other high-end smartphones. The crispness of the captured image is good with minimal room for blur. The visibility of image is good under sufficient sunlight atmosphere and the innovative HDR+ feature enables reproduction of top-quality image.

The images look crystal clear and bright even under low light circumstances and this is excellent considering the fact that there is no optical image stabilization feature. The camera is built with efficient technology that enables efficient switch from automatic white balance with just a click of a button and users can arrange their photos in compartments with the aid of golden ratio grid. The front 8MP shooter is amazing for people who are into capturing endless selfies and the quality of image is phenomenal defined by crisp visibility of color and image depth.

Battery and connectivity:

This smartphone is powered by an efficient 2,770mAh lithium polymer battery and users can use the Pixel for hours and not worry too much about charge drainage. The devise is supported by a series of connectivity options as well such as USB type C, mobile hotspot, Glonass, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 4G.

Fingerprint scanner:

Google Nexus phones are revered for having excellent fingerprint scanners and the same trend is continued onto Google Pixel. The fingerprint scanner is versatile and swift and with just a swipe it can even reduce the contrast of color on notification. According to reports, the efficiency of fingerprint scanner on Pixel is most spectacular.

Google Assistant:

Google Assistant is a powerful feature and it is activated by long press on home button and it can perform remarkable tasks such as fire up searches, sending messages and playing music and setting timers.

Price and colors:

As per, for Indian markets Google Pixel is sold for a price of Rs. 57,000 and it is offered in amazing shades of silver, blue and black.


Google Pixel is the first smartphone engineered by Google to be engineered with Android 7.0 Nougat operating system. This smartphone is powerful in almost all departments, it has an outstanding signature design, world-class performance, highly-efficient operating system, supreme camera technology and good battery capacity.

Google Pixel is among the best smartphones to own under the Rs 58,000 bracket and this is surely a strong contender to Apple iPhones. For people who are keen on buying this smartphone it is excellent value for money. The most fascinating feature is the one of a kind design covered in a glass display with easy to handle flat sides and curved corners. The mobile is sold in interesting colors as well.

For people who are keen on buying smartphones with a spectacular design, world-class technology and effective handling capacity then the Google Pixel is just excellent. The very first smartphone from Google is first-rate, is it going to soon out beat the superiority of iPhones and other high-end Samsung smartphones? We will have to wait and find out.

For now, buy the awesome Google Pixel and indulge in top-class and highly enjoyable smartphone experience. You can indulge in remarkable gaming moments and at the same time download a series of apps and upload many files. Users can even engage in supreme photography moments.

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