GPS tracking software – The Types and more


GPS is the short form of Global Positioning System is a device used to track location. Tracking unit stores recorded location data or connects with the computer which has computer connection, or can be transferred to data base of central location of personal computers or using cell phone, satellite or radio modem implanted in the device. This permits the user to locate the place and displayed on the backdrop of the map within short span of time or can be used later while on travel using software with GPS tracking. Currently, mobile phones also come with GPS tracking ability; i.e they have inbuilt GPS tracking software.

GPS module software is essentially required for GPS tracker, which receives GPS signal and co ordinates are thus calculated. It contains large memory to store the co ordinates for data loggers and data pushers which additionally contain GSM OR GPRS modems which transfers all the collected information to central computer using SMS or GPRS in form of IP packets.

Different forms of GPS trackers

Most of the GPS equipped devices work with some of the modes along with installed mobile applications like- data pushers, data loggers and personal tracking.

  • Data Pushers- Data Pushers are the most common type of GPS tracking units, which are used during vehicle tracking, asset tracking or personal tracking. This alters the position device position, along with information of speed; which is calculated at customary intervals and sent to determined server which instantly analyze and stores data obtained from the unit.
  • Current GPS trackers with inbuilt GPS tracking software enable data push technology with refined GPS tracking in office spaces, business hubs and many more places with mobile work force.
  • Data Loggers- using the internal memory, a GPS logger merely inputs the location of the device at expected intervals. Contemporary GPS loggers contain a slot used for memory card insertion or internal memory and along with USB port. Once track location is downloaded using USB flash drive, further data analysis is performed on the computer.
  • Many of the new age digital cameras save a lot of time when photo is taken. Hence, the time provided by the camera with or without using GPS source is linked with GPS log data and provides exact location on the map which we are looking for.
  • Data loggers are also used to track few target vehicles during some private investigations; since back up source of the data available, there is no need to follow target vehicle all time.
  • Personal tracking is used in several personal instances like-
  • A bail released suspect need to wear GPS tracker on wrist or ankle, which provides whereabouts of the suspect.
  • Private investigators use tracker on a person or vehicle to track every single movement.
  • Some of the sports like gliding requires player to wear a tracker, which allows officials to know about cheating or taking short cuts.
  • Modern age parents use to track whereabouts of their children. Few devices even send parents text alerts about unexpected place visited by child.
  • Some of the devices even allow users to call during emergency.

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