Helping You Find the Best of Designs for That Birthday Card


Isn’t it quite of a normalcy to feel the urge of customizing and decorating one’s own personal photos for adding some more character to it? It is for this exact reason that the trends of self-created greeting cards and photo postcards have come up. The personalised creation attains completion through the addition of notes which can then be sent anywhere in this planet by the internet.

Who Offers?

Sending the personalized greeting card online as stated above in the paragraph has been made possible through a number of websites that also have a counterpart in mobile apps. The interested people can happen to download the app from the website itself. The website of My Postcard is certainly an example of such a site. The interested customers can take a look at it through clicking

How to go about it?

It may be worthwhile to mention the sending procedure of customized cards.

  • As the very first step, a customer visiting an online postcard site is to select the desired product. This may be just a postcard, a greeting card or photo prints.
  • While settling for a postcard online, the next requirement that a customer is to decide is the style of the cards, the addition of personal notes and the frames that would best fit a photo.
  • Lastly is the completion of the order for a customized postcard by the customer paying for it and sending it instantly to any place in the world.

The prices of the cards and the online services are very much quoted on the websites itself enabling easy navigation for the customers. The list of services and products available are to be put forth as;

  • Folded greeting cards
  • Customized postcards
  • Various templates and designs
  • Multiple set of postcards
  • Delivery to the doorstep of customers a gift box of photo prints
  • Gift cards etc.

The personalised way of selecting gift cards gives that very essential start of finding suitable designs for any occasion from Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, congratulatory messages, friendship day, nature, scenery, Thank You message and the list happens to be endless. With full assurance the online sites exert on the fact, every suitable design can be found upon through it.

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