Here’s An Update On Mass URL Pinger


Mass URL Pinger is the best way to easily ping hundreds or thousands of URLs at a time.

The mass URL pinger pings different URLs (max: unlimited) to speed up your indexing. Ping-O-Matic has the advantage that it can ping Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask at once, as well as many other services. But if you want to ping each URL separately to speed up your indexing more, then you should use the mass URL Pinger.

The URL pinger is an updated version of the original mass URL Pinger. It improves upon the original with a more powerful algorithm for placing pings and also by fixing several bugs that were present in the original.

Mass URL pinger is a simple PHP/MySQL script to ping many URLs with different pinging services at one time! It’s also pretty fast – it can ping all the URLs with numerous pinging services within a minute!

The mass URL Pinger is a simple desktop application that takes your list of URLs and sends them to free services like pingomatic. This saves you time as it does all the visiting for you!

URL Pinger will ping multiple URLS at once. This ping tool can check if there are any issues with your website/host.

Website owners and programmers, alert your customers about downtime. Mass URL Pinger will send pings to all of your URLs! This software is surprisingly easy to use and does not require great technical knowledge to operate. There is a brief Help file that explains exactly how to start using Mass URL Pinger. The program’s user interface is able to hold several hundred URLs at once in the main screen. You can add more URLs easily by opening a text file, or by entering them in manually.

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