How Businesses Can Benefit from Managed IT Services


Managed IT services continue to play an important role in business management, as an industry that CompTia’s 4th Annual Trends in Managed Services report predicts will grow to $193 billion by 2019, with an annual growth rate of 12.5%.

There are many reasons for these services’ popularity among businesses.

Why Small Business Owners Look for Managed IT

Companies need effective managed IT because of the numerous benefits an effective provider has to offer. Here are some of the biggest arguments for business owners to turn to utilize managed IT.

1. More Control Over IT Expenses

Get rid of fixed IT costs that can be difficult if your budget changes, and replace them with variable costs that allow you to pay for what you need and nothing else.

2. Pay Less for Experienced IT Staff

In many cases, businesses won’t have the employees they need to effectively handle IT, but outsourcing IT with a managed service provider (MSP) can put IT in the hands of qualified, experienced and certified experts who cost less than hiring and training your own employees.


3. Faster Implementation of New Technologies

MSPs have the resources needed to develop and integrate new projects as soon as clients need them. These projects can take a lot more time and effort if companies conduct them in-house, requiring weeks to months to hire and train employees.

4. Improved Ability to Focus on Running Your Business

Another huge benefit of outsourcing IT is the increased ability to reallocate attention and resources to core areas of business. Spend less time worrying about the technology aspect of your business, and more on the areas of your operations that matter most.

5. Lowered Risk

While every investment comes with come level of risk, business owners can significantly reduce it through managed IT.

Experienced IT staff can effectively monitor change in competition, financial conditions, markets, technologies, and government regulations to keep your business on top. An experienced managed service provider will help you avoid risk in the long term.

6. Maintain Security and Compliance

Managed service providers can cover many different areas of security and regulatory compliance. They can do everything from update firewalls, install DMZs, audit servers and workstations, implement and maintain PCI security standards, and ensure due diligence regarding every payment method that your business accepts.

With the help of an MSP, you can minimize security risks and inaccuracies in all of your client data.

7. Make a Small Business Run Like a Corporation

Many small businesses don’t have what they need to perform effective in-house IT, but outsourcing can allow them to take advantage of all of the technology that bigger companies use in the hands of properly trained staff. Ultimately, outsourcing IT can give your company a huge competitive advantage.

Compare and Select a Reliable Managed IT Service Provider

When looking for the perfect provider for managed IT services, take the time to perform research, comparing pricing structures and available service packages. Once you have made your selection carefully, you can begin to see an improvement in your company’s IT for many years as your business grows.

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