How Have Mobile Games Evolved


The mobile gaming industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade or so. In the past, mobile games were generally limited in terms of features. Owing to the limitations of the software, most of the games were 2D side-scrollers with limited graphical fidelity. They were designed to simply keep people engaged during times when they had nothing else to do. However, ever since smart phones were released and touch controls became prominent, mobile gaming has taken a completely different route.

With larger, better quality screens now being installed on a vast majority of mobile phones, and powerful hardware being fitted in, mobile gaming has become incredibly popular. Today, most flagship smartphones are now capable of running games with incredible graphics. In fact, cross-platform compatibility has made it easy for players to play games with others who are using their PC or a gaming console. Mobile games like Fortnite and PUBG are both fully-fledged video games that are available on multiple platforms, and only recently, mobile variants were also released. If you want, you can easily download 3D mobile games from Elite Group Malaysia. Here are a few ways by which mobile games have evolved.

Immersive Experiences

In the past, most games had simple graphics and didn’t really didn’t have any story. They were puzzle-based experiences that were designed to consume more time. Today, mobile games feature immersive experiences with beautiful graphics and immersive storylines. There are proper single-player campaigns that span a variety of different missions and environments. While modern mobile games cost a bit of money, they also provide you with a lot of fun. These games have campaigns that last around two to three hours, and also have great replayable value.

Beautiful Graphics

Thanks to the advancements in graphical fidelity and the advanced hardware used in modern mobile phones, the graphical fidelity in video games has improved greatly. You will really enjoy playing the video games on your mobile screen, especially because the graphics are so stunning. Developers pay great attention to detail when designing the video games, so you will really enjoy the experiences.

Multiplayer Experiences

Many of the video games that are now released on mobile platforms now come with multiplayer support that allows you to play with your friends and family members. If anyone else you know also has downloaded the game, you can easily play with them online. You can connect with them on a shared server in order to play online. Whether you want to play a multiplayer match online, or wish to play a single player campaign in co-op, you can easily invite others. Modern mobile games are a growing industry worth billions of dollars. See why today!

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