How Planogram Software Is Effective In Retail Stores


Today, the retail industry is a highly competitive consumer market and has evolved with time, from the local brick and automotive stores to the big grocery malls.  The ever-rising inflation has dented this market badly, and fight for the survival of retail stores has become tougher than ever.  Therefore, retail stores are in look for new ways to increase sales and profit, and this has given birth to the Planogram software.

What is Planogram software?

It is software that produce a visual drawing that provides in detail where the items  should be displayed. These schematics representation not present a flow chart for the particular brand  departments within a retail layout, but also show on what shelf a product is located. In simple words, it is a marketing tool for both small and big retail outlets to increase sales. Planogram solutions are tailored to suit each store’s unique requirement such as localized customer demands.

What Planogram have?

Often with retail Planogram the data includes height, depth, and width of each product, with a virtual image of the image. A Planogram is a software that can accurately drag and drop items into different shelves. They can also estimate the stock stored on every shelf, optimizing restocking time.

In a retail outlet, there are several types and categories of product, and in many different sizes, including chain stores, but the basic principle applied to any Planogram design is nearly similar. Obviously, the overall complexity of the Planogram system may vary from store to store. Software programs also vary with the unique needs of the retailers.

The purpose of Planogram

The main purpose of this software is to increase product sales by placing most popular and profitable products in customers eyes sight. And, moreover, to sell certain products which are approaching their expiry date, overstock, or make your sale campaign a success.

Use of Planogram software

Right product placement and increased profit are two basic reasons a retailer should consider Planogram software for their retail outlets. It offer numerous benefits and some of them are-

  • To impress your customers with better visual appeal
  • To make product replenishment easier for your staff
  • Inventory flow control, fewer chances of overstock items
  • Accessing selling potential of each shelf
  • Better product positioning

Any experienced retailer realize that the key to increased sales is proper merchandising. A Planogram solution in one of the best merchandising tools for presenting items to your consumers.  Keep in mind, if you are a small retailer, let’s say one customer outlet, Planogram solutions are not easy to put into practice, and you need to hire some analyzers to do maintain the whole process of Planogram.   Even excel can create its solutions for a retail store, but not fancy catchy printouts.

The price of this software can rise dramatically when the number of products really high, but still if you have the budget, then make this software your business partner. And, the money spend on this system is like sharing profit with your partner to grow your business.

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