How to Buy a Suitable Office Printer


About 20,740,000,000 printers are sold every year in the United States. The figure reveals about the usage of printers and their needs. People who belong to almost all streams of life are using the printers. Many people use them for their offices, students use them for their studies and researchers use them for their own specified purposes. In short, everyone is using the printer if he or she is a technology geek.

But printers are widely used in offices to perform several tasks. In this regard, one of the best printer is HP Office jet pro 4500. But you can also find out many other printers for your offices. The story of buying a print is not easy and that is the reason because of which many times you find this so hard. To solve this problem and to help you for buying a righteous printer here is a guide. Check out this printer guide to have the best printer:

1. MFP

MFP is known as the multifunction printer. Basically, this type of printer can print, copy, scan and fax too. Because of its many features, this category is known as the MFP (Multi-Function Printer). A big range of companies is working to give people such kind of printers. You can easily ask the seller about this function. It’s so easy to find out a printer which can perform all of these functions.

2. Cost per Page (CPP)

You must check this out because this can be a big thing for you. In the past there was a big difference between the prices of laser and inkjet printers but now inkjet printers have reduced their prices to compensate for their customers. However, you still need to inquire this important thing by the person who is selling the printer.

3. Page Yield

Page yield or the cartridge yield is an important term which is referred to the number of pages a printer can print with specified cartridge amount. Many manufacturers calculate this yield and display on their products. You also need to check out the cartridge yield so that you can analyse the budget and performance both. That is how this thing works for you.

4. Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)

This feature reveals an important usage which can help you a lot in small or medium offices. Basically, with this features your printer can make 50 copies at a single time and the procedures like printing and stapling will also be done by the printer. Most of the printers can also make the duplex printing so at both sides you can print.

5. Duty cycle

Last but not least because this is the most important concern whenever you are going to buy a printer. This figure reveals the exact and accurate amount of the pages which a printer can print per month. This figure changes with the quality and company of a printer. Moreover, if you have a small office it’s better if you count the pages which are printed by your employees. If you know that how many average pages your office is required to print every month and this figure matched up with any printer then select that one. Otherwise, your printer will not remain a long lasting printer.

These are some important things which you need to know else than the basic features. Although knowing about the basic features is also an important concern but these things also play an important role.

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