How To Create A Blog And Earn Money Online In 2016


With the growth of social media, it has generated income for a mass of population. Blog is a regularly update website that is written in a conversational style. Before you dream of making money from blogging you will have to learn creating a blog and set it successfully going. Though it can be a little tough to sink in first and make real money blogging after creating a blog, but this guide will hopefully be of some help in learning along the way.

Creating a blog

  1. Get A Blog: It is needless to say that creating a blog is the first thing to do. To start a professional money making blog you are always recommended to use self hosted services such as Word Press.
  2. Hosting Deals: It is best to get a hosting services that gives you a free domain name, fast, high quality & reliable web hosting, free Site Builder, one-click WordPress Install and 24/7 support.
  3. Create Great Content: it is time to make some great blog posts. To repeat, the content has to be “great” as millions of blogs are published on the web everyday. To cope up with so much competition the content has to be of great quality.
  4. Create Audience: The hard part of blogging is finding and gathering fans. Once you have found fans and they are interested in everything you have to say, money has to come.
  5. Promote: No one is going to know how good you write unless you take time to promote your blog on SEO, Social media.

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Money making from your blog

  1. CPC Advertising: Cost per click advertising (CPC) are ads that are displayed on your website and you will be paid for every time someone clicks them. If your blog brings in high traffic levels then displaying Google adverts can be one of the easiest ways to make steady income.
  2. CPM Advertising: Much like CPC advertising, cost per mile (CPM) ads can bring you a descent income from your blog if have large levels of traffic going through your blog.  very easy to set up and no need of  any coding knowledge – all you have to do is create an advertising account and add the code to your web site; simple and relax.

Typically, CPM brings in ridiculously low income – some pay outs are as low as $0.10 per thousand impressions. So you will need a lot of traffic on your blog to earn a decent income

  1. Sponsored Post: This is a means of earning from advertisers. Here you can be asked to publish a post given by the advertiser or to make a post mentioning the name of its product or products. With regard to your level of traffic you are paid $50-$500 for every sponsored post.
  2. Banner Advertising: instead of publishing banner ads on your website via Adsense or any 3rd party you can work with advertisers directly to setup their banner ads on your website. These banner ads are generally paid on a CPM model, which is basically pays a price per 1000 impressions of their banner on your website.

There are several other ways to make money from blogging. If you are sound on social media and like writing as well, this can be your way to support your family without that 9-5 heck.

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