How to create and market an app?


Creating and marketing an app is a lot of hard work but, it is not impossible. Through this easy to follow and comprehensible guide, creating and marketing an app will seem like as easy as doing laundry. Which means that it will still require effort but, it will be a homely chore for you. To get started, follow these simple steps below:

How to create an app?

​Step 1: Define the objective of the app.

What is the purpose of your app? Who are the main target audience? How is your app different from its competitors? What is going to be the future of your app? By defining the objective of your app, you will have a clear picture of what needs to be done. This way, you will not lose track of your goals and your work will be done a lot quicker.

Step 2: Decide the budget for your venture.

​Having a set budget for your project will give you clarity as to how much money you are willing to spend or invest. For this purpose, you need to conduct a market research. You should research, how much money is required in creating and marketing an app like yours. Take a quote from different developers and compare their price and services. Without a budget, you are most likely to spend too much.

Step 3: What is the identity of your app?

The identity of your app refers to its name, logo, and design. These three elements of your app’s identity should not be random. They should either represent your app’s utility, values, and services.

Step 4: Actually, creating the app.

Now is the time to decide whether you are going to create the app yourself or hire an expert to get the job done. There are plenty of self-service app creating software where you just have to drag and drop items. To use such a software, you do not need to have any sort of experience in coding. However, on the other hand, you have the option to hire a team of professionals. Even though, creating the app on your own will be cheaper but, the professionally made app will be stable, secure, and free of bugs. Moreover, the team of professionals will also guide you through the whole procedure of getting your app published. Furthermore, through their professional tools you can keep a side by side check if your app is acceptable on the iStore and Google Play.

On the other hand, a self-service app creator will provide limited resources. In the end, you may not be satisfied with your app because, of the app creator’s limited features. Furthermore, you also have the third option to hire a freelance app expert from sites like Fiverr or Freeeup.

How to market your app?

Thinking that making and publishing a great app will be enough is the biggest mistake you could ever make. There is no product, service, or app in the world that has been successful without smart marketing. In fact, without marketing, it is most likely that your app will fail to a point that you will have to take it down. Always keep this in mind, that without marketing or promoting your app, you will not be able to reach your desired target audience.

Research has shown that a tech related startup needs to spend at least 2% of their yearly budget on marketing. This will give you a 10% chance to survive in the market. Hence, after getting your app published, you need to follow the steps given below to market and promote it.

Step 1: Launch a website for your app.

A website with the same domain name as the app will boost your sales. Launching a website for your app is very important as it tells the customer what your app will be offering. People are more likely to google something than look it up in an app store. For instance, if Person ‘A’ is looking for something that schedules his Instagram posts then he is most likely to google it. In such a scenario, if you have used the right keywords, the website for your app will pop up in the search results. Hence, if you fulfill all the SEO requirements, there is a high chance of boosting sales through a website. To make the most out of that website, make sure that you list down all the features, and a download button for your app. If you do not have the technical expertise or a web design team to create a website, you can still create a good-looking website yourself using any good drag and drop website builder, like Wix.

Step 2: Make it popular.

​Having a page that describes your app is not enough to gather traffic on your website. You can make use of content distribution platforms, like Adsy and Links Management where you can place your articles and links in some popular online media. You must also make use of social media platforms like, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for promoting your app because these are currently the most used apps. Do not forget to post ads on these websites because, that increases your sales like a forest fire.

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