How to engage shoppers with your interactive kiosk


Interactive kiosks are popping up everywhere in the retail industry. These digital kiosks provide retailers with an innovative way to interact with their customers and reach target audiences effectively. Therefore, using them allows you to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.

Do you want to use interactive kiosks to make your business thrive? Here are five ways that you can make them work for you:

Help customers to find the right product

With an interactive kiosk, your customers can find the right products easily and quickly. Whether someone wants to select the right bed sheets, pick up a GPS system, or choose the best car seat for his kids, an interactive kiosk can help him to choose the right product and self-educate without sales assistance.

Nowadays, most customers prefer to shop through interactive kiosks without interacting with sales people, who can be quite annoying.

Facilitate efficient customer sales

An interactive kiosk is an exceptional sales assistant tool for all your customer service representatives. For instance, if a customer has a question regarding a specific product, the salesperson can take him to an interactive kiosk and show him how to use it to find the right product.

By simply scanning for a product or touching the screen, the customer can view different color options, compare products, learn about pricing, and find buying guides on the spot.

Interactive kiosks usually supplement the services of a salesperson and give customers the necessary information needed when a salesperson is not available.

Reduce walkouts

If you keep your customers engaged, they are less likely to walk out of your store because they are tired of waiting for a salesperson to become available.

The volume of traffic varies greatly in every retail business. When customers come to your store in large numbers, an interactive kiosk can start the process of sales and education until a sales representative is free.

Unique customer interaction

An interactive kiosk offers a two-way interaction that keeps the customer engaged through infotainment or edutainment – such as quizzes and interactive contests. If a customer is looking for a specific product, a quiz can be useful in narrowing down his/her choices.

Moreover, when answering personal questions, some customers will opt for the privacy that an interactive kiosk offers instead of talking to a sales representative.

Learn more about your customers

The data that is gathered at an interactive kiosk can give you the market intelligence to succeed in your promotions. You can see the pages that a customer engages with and the time he or she spends at each screen. This allows you to measure the success of user experience.

End users can also be able to track the effect of content changes on the success of a kiosk. Even the smallest content changes can have a huge impact on user activity. Simple customer surveys usually provide insight into what a customer wants at your store, product preferences, and demographics.

With kiosk interaction and customer information tracking, the chances for continuous improvement and learning are endless.

If you want the customers to use an interactive kiosk correctly,you need to show them what to do. No matter how user friendly an interactive kiosk is, you should not do away with salespersons. No amount of user friendliness can substitute friendly staff members when customers need help.

If you follow the above tips properly, you will be able to engage the customers and keep them interested in your products. Doing so will increase your revenue because customers like to have an easy and pain-free shopping experience. Whatever you do, make sure that your salespeople are nearby at all times.

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