How to Enjoy Uninterrupted Mobile Services Even When You’re Outside the UK?


Most of the times, when we travel abroad, we can’t take the liberty to take our phones with us due to high roaming charges or worse, unavailability of our home network. O2 has made our travelling experience much more fun and relaxed as now we can remain connected with our loved ones with the help of O2 Travel. You can also get in-detailed information about this service from the team of dedicated agents at O2 Contact Number and stay connected to your family and business while you’re enjoying your holiday.

O2 Travel is a roaming service for customers travelling abroad that allows them to talk, send texts and use the internet while they’re away from their home network, without worrying about overspending. Hence, no extra and unwanted amount added in your bills and no more wastage of time in calculating all those charges.

Pay Monthly

If you’re a Pay Monthly customer, you need to pay a single fixed daily amount to get the minutes, texts and data you’ll need in selected countries for using O2 Travel. It’s a free bolt-on that can be added to your account.

The best thing about using O2 travel is that you would be charged only for the days you’ve used the O2 Travel service. These daily charges are applied from midnight to midnight UK time, and will be added on your account only if you make calls, send texts or use data, while in roaming. It’s important to understand that, incoming texts and calls won’t add the O2 Travel daily charges on your account. It will cost you only £1.99 a day in Europe. (You can get the complete list by calling on O2 Contact Number.

If you’re a frequent traveler to Europe due to business or any other apparent reason, you’ll be glad to know that the daily charge of £1.99 a day covers all the calls and texts within European O2 Travel destinations and back to the UK for that particular day. Eve though, there is no upper limit assigned to the data usage, data speeds may vary after using certain amount of data. (More info is available at O2 Contact Number.)

Pay As You Go

In Pay As You Go, with O2 Travel you’ll be receiving 100MB of data to use in Europe for £1.99 a day. Incoming calls and texts will be free (info about outgoing calls and texts is available at O2 Contact Number.)

To check if you have O2 Travel already added on your Pay As You Go account or not, please call O2 Contact Number to get it confirmed; before you pack your bags and travel to Europe.

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