How to Get Your Local SEO Right?


It is very important that you have a business strategy that targets the local market, but also very difficult. This is because you it is about more than using the right localized keywords. The recommendation, therefore, is to work together with an excellent search engine optimization company and make sure your efforts will pay off.

Consistency and Accuracy Are What It Is all About

First of all, it is vital that all information that is out there about you is accurate and consistent in every location, including your social media accounts, your website, and your business listings. The most important details are your NAP+W (name, address, phone number, website) details.

A lot of online listing look at online data, which means that the information can be outdated. In fact, one organization reported in a survey that some 85% of small businesses rely on local search directors and apps, but only 50% make sure their online details are accurate and up to date. Furthermore, 50% said they knew there were inaccuracies in there, and 70% say they simply don’t have the time to fix it. All the more reason, therefore, to work together with a professional agency!

Other Important Information

While the NAP+W details are very important, you also have to include other important details. Yes, this is a lot of work, but a good SEO company can do it for you. Another important study demonstrated that users look for a several specific things in local information. The top 10 are:

  1. Telephone number.
  2. Geographical proximity.
  3. Operating hours.
  4. Company name.
  5. Company website.
  6. Pricing information.
  7. General information on product or service.
  8. Reviews and ratings.
  9. Comparisons of services, features, and so on.

These 10 things must be included, therefore. Do also add important details about your product, service, and company, including trademarks, brands, and forms of acceptable payment. In fact, the more details you can provide, the easier it will be for them to decide whether or not to shop with you.

Social Media Is Vital

Naturally, you must have an excellent website, and it should also be responsive. However, unless you generate traffic, it will be pointless. Remember that your website is like a window in your shop, encouraging people to see what you have and to come inside. Getting them inside, however, is hard work, but it is made easier through social media, because it allows you to increase your  brand awareness.

One study showed that the importance of locally optimized sites was becoming less important (a drop of 18.8%, in fact), which means it isn’t the most important thing in the world. Rather, being present on all the social media sites, from TripAdvisor to Facebook and from UbanSpoon to Yelp, is what really matters when it comes to getting found online and building a positive reputation.

What a professional SEO company can do for you is put all those things together. That will surely have the greatest impact of all.

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