How to Make Your Computers Run Like New But There Are Scams


If you are not running a clean computer, then the performance of your computer is going to be slow, sluggish and full of errors. Currently there are many free programs that teach you how to clean up your computer and get much faster and better running of your programs.

Problems helped

These programs will:

  • Accelerate startup & shutdown
  • Fix invalid registry entries
  • Prevent future slowdowns
  • Run 1-click optimization
  • Speed up overall performance


But there is one problem and that is not all of these programs will take care of this as some of them are SCAMS. When cleaning the registry they will infect the registry with programs that are advertising programs or programs that will cause popups.

Popup programs

When you start getting popups, they will also let you know a phone number to call for help in stopping these popups. The SCAM is that in order for these technicians to fix your computer you will need to spend up to $100 for a membership to have your computer fixed for up to a year and in most cases, they can’t seem to fix the problems.

SCAMS to get the popup programs fixed

The problem is that after they fix it (if they can) you have spent $100 for a tech to do what you can do on your own with programs that are already installed in the control panel of your computer. In the control panel you will find a program that will review your computer status and fix any windows program. It will also help your computer uninstall cleanly any program that you are trying to get rid of. Many new computers have program that you never want to use so you uninstall them leaving part of the programs there.


To make sure that this does not happen to you the best way to fix problems with your computer is by:

  • Research
  • Spending a small amount of money to buy a good registry clean
  • Find programs that have good customer service
  • Technician’s that will help with no extra fee

All in all you can spend less money and yet get your computer to work like new.

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